Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 253 - Feb 8, 2009

Kevin is doing very well since his surgery. We are back up on the fifth floor and everything seems to be ok, with the exception of non-stop muscle spasms. I will have to talk to the docs about that tomorrow morning. This is one of the first signs of shunt malfunction, but it usually goes away immediately after surgery. I am just not sure why it's still happening.

I did get to see the CT Scan results yesterday. It's just amazing the change in his brain. Even though nearly all of the left side was damaged beyond repair, it's still interesting to see how it spread itself out to the new plate in his head. Last month's scan (before surgery) showed the left side being 'pushed in' significantly by the amount of fluid collected against it. I find it interesting that a part of the brain with no function can make such a difference when allowed to be 'free flowing' as opposed to being compressed. I can only guess that it also affects the right side? Not really sure though.

And that is about it for tonight. I am hoping Kevin gets to come down to the house again tomorrow night, but we'll see. He is back to his normal self so it's possible...


Xelaxel said...

sincerely desire that Kevin recovers soon, is sad to know that it had a relapse, but he is strong and soon it will be well.

Long-time RN said...

Good reading Kevin is doing well.
Is there any information offered to you about the cause and possible freqency of shunt failure?

Hope Kevin progresses each day.
Hang in there, Leslie.

Jessica said...

I'm glad to hear that Kevin is doing well and back to his normal self. I hope those muscle spasms go away soon. Praying that he will continue to improve and get out of the hospital for a little "normal" time at your house.

Anonymous said...

HI Breezy,

Can you call me, I am from Homes For Our Troops, I would like to speak with you. Either you or your mom can call me tomorrow on my cell at 303-570-8495.

Tracy Keil
Veteran Case Worker
Homes For Our Troops

bigD said...

Hi Leslie, Breezy & Kevin,
Just got to see the videos you posted a few entries back....all I have to say is "WOW!!! Kevin you are an amazing guy and you are doing so well. I have been going through some rough times with my son too and those videos of you standing, walking and tooling about the house brought a smile to my face. Keep on fighting Kevin, you have worked so hard and come so far. God bless you all.