Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 269 - Feb 24. 2009

It was a very boring day today. Kevin is doing fine and we are somewhat settling into a routine of sorts. It's a busy one, don't get me wrong - but it's still a routine.

He did have to get up early today and have his right leg scanned to make a splint for his foot and lower leg. It kinda drags some when he is walking and a lot of times his foot will roll onto its side so we think it will be easier for him if he has a splint to keep it all straight for a while. I can't say if it will be permanent or not, it's too soon to tell, but hopefully it won't be.

We are also discussing Botox injections in his right arm. It's just not really doing anything. He barely has any control and there is no movement whatsoever in his hand. We are pretty close to the nine month mark so I am hazarding a guess that he's never going to have full use of that hand/arm. I sure hope I'm wrong though.

We are also increasing his anti-depressant. We really have just hit a very rough spot and it's hard to work through it when he can't tell us what he's feeling. I just have to guess at what could be rolling through his mind and let's face it - men and women think differently. Who knows - I could be completely off base and even introducing new depressing thoughts with each guess. I just don't know. We currently also have a female therapist and I am working on trying to change to a male. I just personally feel that a male will be able to better know what Kevin is feeling. Wish me luck on getting it changed - so far I am hitting a brick wall...

And to end this post, here is a pic of the kids at the house we are trying to buy. They were messing around, of course, lol.


Anonymous said...

People's depression often doesn't improve when they have no safe place (or way) to cry, hit things, scream, run . . . in some way physically express all the grief (from all he's lost) and anger and frustration and confusion that he surely must feel on a scale beyond my experience.

I bet he could use some extra doses of the same kinds of things we all get to do in privacy, about which we often tell no one.

Oh well, that's one of the many reasons why hospitals, crowded apartments, and dependency in general sucks (especially when a year ago you were going out into the world to become a young thriving productive adult).

Thinking the best for all of you.

Holee said...

I am wondering why Kevin doesn't have a power chair or at least a wheelchair with power?

At least with a wheelchair with power you wouldn't have to push him outside or at Mall's. They also have larger wheels for running over grass area's or gravel. He would feel more independant if he could move himself around, especially when out in public.

The power wheelchair changes from push to power by turning 2 switches, easy.

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of Kevin and Breezy! Your house looks really nice too! I really hope everything works out soon with the house. It will be so nice to have a place to call home. I hope the splint will help Kevin- sounds like it will give hime some support.
Have a great day!
Kathy in IA

Kris said...

Hey there Leslie, Breezy & Kev,

Stopping by to let you all know that as always you're all in my thoughts and my prayers - each and every day. So glad that Kev is feeling better. Luck to you & Kev with the change of the dosage, and to getting a male therapist. Prayers are being said that this brick wall isn't so hard to bust down!

You must be so thrilled that Breezy will be staying with you, and to have your parents close to you soon too. How is Alan doing?

AWESOME pics of the kids - I'll bet there are lots of those when they were little - they both have that beautiful smile that says "I'm too cute to be doing anything bad!"

Saying extra prayers that everything works out with the house. SOON. God bless you Leslie, Breezy & Kev. HUGS

Miss Em said...


Ever heard of 'Nerf bats'. They're a lot like 'Nerf balls' in what they're made of...soft but firm enough to hold shape.

I think{????} a few of these might help with Kevin's depression and YOUR stress. So the next time you guys are out, head for the nearest Toy Store be sure to keep an eye on Kevin or he will fill up the cart{{LOL}}and get 2 or 3 for the Hospitial, Room/House and of course just for fun.

Tell Kevin that when he's angry or frustrated he can have one to 'beat the hell' out of the door frame. No damage to door frame but lots of help for Kevin.

The same goes for you when the 'Stupid Staff' makes you fume, take one do the same. GREAT STRESS RELIEF especially when you imagine that person's face attached to the door frame.

Don't get rid of the balls because they can be used to play with in the house without damaging most things.

Hope this might help with Kevins depession. [Especially the trip to the Toy Store.]

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Vicki C said...

Oh..the kids look great!!!

Jessica said...

Glad Kevin is still doing fine and I hope the new splint helps with his walking. That's too bad about his depression is worse, but it's not really surprising, of course. Hopefully, the new dose will do the trick. Does he get to do any kind of artistic expression, like art or music therapy? Those seem ideal given that he can't speak.

Great photo! I'll be thinking of you all and praying for improvements in Kevin's depression and his right hand. Botox can do some amazing things.