Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 251 - Feb 6, 2009

I am just so happy that Kevin has truly adjusted to not being at the hospital on the weekends. It is so nice to just have him get into bed and go to sleep like it's his own bed. Right now he is just sawing logs like there's no tomorrow, lol.

As for the house situation - I am feeling good about that at the moment. I don't want to say anything yet about it, but hope is in sight. I am just afraid to be too hopeful so I will wait to see what happens. Everyone keep it all crossed for this, otherwise I really don't know where we'll go. (I will keep the DAV in my thoughts too. I didn't realize they could help like that - thanks to whoever you are.)

And I have had a few comments about me complaining about the general. Yes, Holee - I do agree he deserves respect and frankly, as I mentioned yesterday - I do respect the service he gave for his country. But respect goes two ways and it's apparent that there is no respect for his fellow men and women coming from him. Otherwise we would not all have to go without so that he gets whatever he wants when he wants it. And to the anonymous poster that asked if it's official policy that the staff does what he wants - I hear quite often that the orders are handed down from above so I can't say for sure. I do know that tensions have been high since he got here a few months ago and people are afraid for their jobs. It's just such a shame all around - and it's also so aggravating.

I was also asked if there is a pool here - I heard a while ago that there was, but haven't seen it and no one has mentioned pool therapy to us. I will have to try to remember and ask about that on Monday. (the operative word being "try" as I am such an idiot anymore, lol)

Well, there are some logs that need sawed by me so I am heading off to bed!


Holee said...

Just try to remember you are dealing with a Patton type personality. He climbed through the ranks and learned to crack his whip, that's never going to change. He doesn't see it as being disrespectful, he see's it as being in charge.

My youngest son was Marine for only 8 years. He will always be Marine, he didn't change back to the kid I raised after he came home. I'm always shocked when a simple task like a barbeque puts him into military command. At least the G will not be a full time part of your life. lol

I hope you find the pool and someone to work with Kevin. I think that might really help his legs.

Alison said...

Does Kevin have any open areas on his skin that you'd have to worry about infection with or are all his burns healed to the point of being scar tissue? I think the pool would definitely be good for his legs and therapy in general, being able to hold himself up with less effort.

Hope things with the house continue to go well. Fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

The info page for the James A Haley Hospital lists a therapeutic pool in their therapies listing.
I really don't know how big or when and for what patients it's used but it won't hurt asking about it.
It is great to see the videos and read the updates.Kevin has come so far in the past 251 days...we are so proud of you Kevin.All of you keep up the good work.
Keeping you all in our prayers.
Kim S

Anonymous said...


Agree with your comments 100% about the G. It's a shame this has to happen. Now sure what he is being treated for, but if he is coherent, shame on him for being so demanding. I've seen this also in the business world. Thanks for letting us know how things really are. I'm sure there's more too. I mentioned awhile back about the possiblity of a book or movie. Something you might want to look into in the future.


The Rock said...

Leslie , I think you had every right to be pissed about the G- Man ! I would be feeling the same way !
Seems to me like there is some Rank Wars going on !
My Husband was in charge for over 20 Years, but he would have never expected to be treated differently .
I suggest you write it all down and maybe you can help others, by writing it all down , for the next person
Kevin looks good ! I am glad he enjoys to spend time out of the Hospital, with you
You are always in my prayers