Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 247 - Feb 2, 2009

Well, it turns out that Kevin did see some of the game. He woke up shortly after I left and watched it with the nurse. I am told he was just swinging that new SB Terrible Towel that was sent to him, lol! I wish I'd have been there.

He had a pretty good day today too. Nothing really new happened, but it was a good day. We did grab movies tonight and pretty much just lounged around.

And I didn't hear his cough or anything today so it must have just been a yucky day for him yesterday. Phew!

I am just going to hit a few more of the comments/questions.

Someone asked if he was gaining weight and he actually has lost a few pounds lately. Just a few - nothing to be worried about - but he really hasn't been eating as much lately.

Gina - thank you and your sister for getting copies of the paper for us. I was told today that the VA will be sending pics of Kevin from the media event to the Pittsburgh media channels. Can't say they'll use them, but you never know.

Linda from FC - thanks for letting us know about Stephen K. I did hear from him last week and knew he got hit hard - but I didn't realize how hard. I hope he is doing ok?

To everyone concerned about the VA loans - I did call them directly again and they assured me that they do not actually give out loans - they only insure that the loans will get paid if Kev would default. Now to me, that's a no-brainer to give the loan to someone like Kev - but the banks just aren't doing that. We did agree on a price with the builder of the home we chose yesterday and now it's up to the bank to agree or disagree to take us on. We have tried numerous banks and there is only one that is giving us a 'maybe' so we shall see. I wish I could say I felt good about this, but unfortunately - I don't. Things like this don't usually work out for us so it will be a miracle if it does.

Jenna - we did try USAA and it's a no-go. We haven't tried the Pentagon FCU, but I will call them if our broker can't get it to go through.

So we have to laugh when we say this - but we do own the mini-van, lol. We can always live in it...


Miss Em said...


Kevin's got a garunteed income from the VA. So NOT being able to get a loan is WRONG.

Bail outs and stimulus packages and the banks still won't give loans--something stinks here.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Vicki C said...

just wanted to say hi.. and let you know I'm still reading.. thinking of you guys and praying for you every day.. things have just been busy since I got back from CHA. Hope to be caught up soon. Hugs!

Jessica said...

Oh good, I'm glad Kevin got to see the big game and that the cough didn't turn into anything.

I'll keep praying about the housing loans. How discouraging to keep getting no's. Maybe this time will be different, don't lose hope! You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

maybe if you contacted the DAV, a private investor would hold the note on a mortgage. They do help if you ask.
DAV member