Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 270 - Feb 25, 2009

Today my sister Dawn and her husband Harry came to visit for a week. They just got here tonight and haven't even been able to see Kevin yet, but tomorrow will be soon enough. It will be a nice week and I am looking forward to doing something 'fun' with them.

As for something fun - there is a Renaissance Festival this weekend and I am hoping to take Kev and Breezy there. I have to find out the hours and see if there is anything going on in the evening as I won't take Kevin into the afternoon sun. I will risk it in the evening (after all we do have the Solumbra clothing), but the clothes don't cover his face and it's completely burned too. I hope he is interested in going. We went to the one near Pittsburgh a few years ago and had a great time. Kevin was particularly interested in the daggers and swords and things, lol. Then there's Breezy and I getting our faces painted and buying fairy wings and things like that. The differences between men and women, eh?

And I did find out that a very well known bank has agreed to underwrite the mortgage so it's all just a matter of time now. PHEW! I feel this HUGE weight being lifted off my shoulders just knowing we have somewhere to go. And I do appreciate all of the kind words and emails about me feeling like a failure because we are homeless. I realistically know that it's just nothing I can change, but the feelings are still there. It's all moot now though, right? Once again - A BIG PHEW!


Alison said...

Hearing about the bank going to underwrite the mortgage is a HUGE RELIEF. What a wonderful thing to log on and read today. That is fantastic news!

I hope your family's visit goes well this week, and I hope you all get to go to the festival and that there are fun things to do when it's safe for Kevin to be out.

Continued thoughts and prayers coming your way, but yay! Great news!

Anonymous said...

As long as you're upon the earth, you're not homeless --- this is your home and shall always be your home. The lives you have touched and the ones that you've been touched by will always provide you comfort and shelter.
And, as long as you are a parent and a mother, the label of "failure" can never be affixed to your name...God has and always will have His Hand upon you wherever the roads may take you and may you take solace in the fact that, throughout it all, you are loved and that is the greatest realization of all

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your family today. We love you,

Anonymous said...

Excellent news on the house!!! Have fun with your family and at the festival! I'm so happy for all of you!!!!
Take care,
Kathy in IA

Jodi said...

YAY! Great news about the mortgage Les. You never have been and NEVER will be a failure Les. Look how far you have all come...
Enjoy your time with your sister and B-I-L.
Renaissance Festival? Never been, but I hope you all have a great time! I want pictures! :-)
Great pic yesterday of Kev and Breezy. They look great!!!!!!
Hope you all have a fantastic day today!

Question - Do you know when the "Fund Raiser for Kevin" COOKBOOKS are available to purchase???

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Kris said...

YAY!!! WOOHOO!!! ENORMOUS SIGH OF RELIEF!!! Wonderful news on the house. Just awesome. I cannot imagine the incredible weight that has been lifted.

Hope you have a great time with Dawn & Fam and get some time to relax and have FUN. Be able to take a load off for a while. Hope you get to the festival, sounds like a blast!

God bless you Leslie, Breezy & Kevin, hope you all have a great day today. HUGS!!

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Janna said...

Never homeless,,,just between homes. Hope , in the quiet times, you have a moment to read "The Shack". I promise it will be a comfort to your heart : )

Anonymous said...

I read Jodi's comment and wanted to let you,her,and everyone else
know that the fundraiser cookbooks are being printed right now and will be available mid-March.If any
one wants to reserve a copy or copies please go to the benefit blog for the ordering information.
The blog is
Speaking of food,did you catch top chef?I was blown away when Hosea won...he my be the better cook but I would much rather have Fabio doing the cooking for me !!!
Kim Simpson

Miss Em said...


Wonderful to hear that your family members have come for a visit.

We have a Renaissance Festival{Ren-fest} here also. Here they close the gates at a specified time and there is nothing after the sun goes down.
Get a big floppy hat once you all get there and an umbrella for Kevin to keep the sun off of his face. Make sure it is the size that they use at golf courses during especially during tournaments.
The one here has lots of trees that give off quite a bit of shade and of course almost all of the eating/tavern in the area have covered areas.
Goggle Renaissance Festive Florida and the area that its held in and you should get ALL kinds of info.


Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Jessica said...

Fantastic news about the mortgage! Praise God! I'm so happy for you.

Enjoy your sister and BIN. I haven't been to a Renaissance Festival in forever, but it was a good time. Jousting definitely sounds like something a male would enjoy! I imagine he would like the food too, like the big turkey leg drumsticks.

You're all in my thoughts and prayers. God bless and take care!