Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 212 - Dec 29, 2008

Nothing much happened again today. About the only thing new is that we can't use the lift anymore to get Kevin out of bed as it broke days ago so now he has no choice but to stand up while holding onto me and pivoting from his bed to his chair. It's ok for the most part, but some days he is just so exhausted when we get home from my house and I need to pay attention so that he isn't too tired to stand up and transfer himself.

I have also hired a reflexologist to work on Kevin. She came for the first time last week one day and in that one message, Kevin's leg is able to move higher and the arm that is always contracted so badly has been staying down to where his hand is on his belly instead of up at his neck. I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptic about it at first, but I figured it couldn't hurt. And it's a little bit pricey, but it's worth it if it works, right? So she will be back on Wed I think. I am anxious to see if it makes more of a difference.

We still haven't agreed on a price for the house either. I know what we can afford and I so hope it works out. I also hope we come to an agreement soon. I would like to get moving on this because it's so time consuming to find anything you like and the time to take Kevin home can arrive really quickly. It's truthfully been almost a month since we decided on that house and we are no closer to getting it than we were that day. At this rate - it may take a year to buy one! This is why I was in a sorta rush to find one - the amount of time it takes. Well, surely things will start rolling...

And I just want to point out that we arrived in Tampa four months ago today. I have to admit that time goes much faster here - probably because he is out of the critical stage and our days are full of new things. When we were at BAMC - it was pretty much always the same.

And although this whole ordeal sucks - we have to admit that the last four months have been pretty remarkable. Kevin has made HUGE strides and it makes my heart sing. Now if this cranioplasty can just fix this fluid issue...


Alison said...

Every little bit helps. If it's reflexology that helps him with the muscle tension then the price is worth it. I hope it helps him on Wednesday even more!

The bed lift being broken sounds like a pain but it's also good to hear that Kevin is able to stand up and transfer himself - even if it is exhausting. That's a step in the right direction as well.

Kevin has come so far the last four months and the last 212 days, it really is amazing.

Thoughts and prayers about the surgery and the house situation coming your way. Let's get those taken care of!

Anonymous said...

JUST A SOLDIER – A Tribute to Kevin Kammerdiener
(T. Beechey)

He wasn't rich or privileged, he was just like you and me
He came from a good home and close-knit community
Everyone that knew him was glad to call him “friend”
Whenever there was trouble, on him you could depend
When he first heard the calling to join among the ranks
Of the brave men and women in the Humvees and the tanks
He didn't hesitate a bit, his duty was at hand
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He was being just a soldier, doing what he had to do
And he did what he did for the Red, White, and Blue
Proud to serve his country and proud to do his part
He gave all he had that was in his heart

Dressed in the gear of combat, those beside him dressed the same
He wasn't seeking fortune, he didn't quest for fame
All that he desired was to serve his Nation well
And to come home safely with a tale or two to tell
The tasks he was given, he never questioned why
It wasn't his to query, so he dutifully complied
Because he was a soldier and he had the job to fill
The shoes of those before him who walked a distant hill

He was being just a soldier, doing what he had to do
And he did what he did for the Red, White, and Blue
Proud to serve his country and proud to do his part
He gave all he had that was in his heart

On a day that we'll remember in the month of May
This soldier bore the burden of a hefty price to pay
He's no longer in the battle, but he still fights the war
Every day is a challenge just like the one before
And he meets every challenge with the same bravery
That he showed as he stared in the eyes of the enemy
He still is a soldier in each and every way
And he's the reason I'm proud to live in the USA

He will always be a soldier, doing what he has to do
No matter what's in front of him, he'll always make it through
Proud to serve his country and proud to do his part
The Nation holds you, Kevin, in its collective heart

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute to Kevin..It speaks mountains and I agree with every part of it.

Anonymous said...

Very nice tribute! Does Kevin receive other therapy daily? What about speech therapy? I really hope you get the house soon! I'm so glad that the time in Florida is going better than in Texas. It's so nice you are able to go places- it probably helps break up the day too. So are they going to get another lift for you soon?
Have a great day!
Kathy in Iowa

Patricia said...

What a wonderful tribute to Kevin! So, thank you, T. Beechey, for putting into words what so many feel! Sounds like a song to me!

Reflexology, is supposed to be excellent. I have only had one experience with it, myself, and man, when she hit the spot on my foot, I felt it all the way up my leg. There are pressure points all over our bodies, that can be excellent, no-intrusive, ways to heal. I hope it continues to work. As Alison wrote, "every little bit helps".

Prayers continue for the house. Maybe the price they are thinking of is not to God's liking and He needs to work on it a bit longer!!

Thinking of, hugs and prayers. Always.

Anonymous said...

An early Happy New Year! I have great expectations for Kevin and your family in 2009! I will pray for continued and remarkable progress for Kevin, a new house, and much happiness and joy!

The Rock said...

What a great Poem !!!
Kevin did come a long way ! And he will get better and better. Surely he has his bad days but he is young and will push himself .
Good Luck on the house !
You are all in my prayers!
Soldiers Angel

Jessica said...

I hope the hospital replaces the lift ASAP. What a pain!
The reflexologist sounds like a great asset. I hope she's able to get more range in Kevin's arm. It's amazing what a difference a naturopathic technique like that can make.
I can't believe it's been four months already. Just that fact that Kevin can get out of the hospital and hang out at your house is incredible. I'm praying for more miraculous improvements after the cranioplasty! And I'm also praying for a miracle regarding the house. At least it sounds like the market is good for home buyers right now. Not sure if that makes a difference to a foreclosure situation?

Lil Tinker said...

OMG! Okay, I will email you again about the stuff that we talked about but I just have to say...OMG! I never realized you owned Scrapmuse. I was a member for over a year! Someone bought it from you and then Traci bought it from her. I went through that transition with them! LOL! Okay, the non-scrappers in this won't get the hilarity of how small the world is when you scrap...but again...OMG! I love you and your family since the moment I found your blog but now I have scrappers worship going on too! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.