Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 200 - Dec 17, 2008

200 days! Sounds like a lifetime, feels even longer.

Breezy and I had to move my room at the Fisher House across the hallway tonight to another room after Kevin went to sleep. We had a room with a connecting door and a family that needed two rooms could have benefit more from it than me, so we made the move.

I am a little of kilter because although it's the same room, everything is flipped. Some of my OCD is showing because I feel strange with everything backward, lol.

Oh well, everything is moved - now we just have to organize it all.

So moving on to Kevin, he seemed to do a bit better today. He finally got a shower - the first in 9 days and I am thinking that may have helped. He ate somewhat decently today too so that always helps.

Today was the first day that he didn't scream while having his head tapped too. Whew! That was real nice.

The docs were also told that the model of his head is on its way. They have to approve the size and shape and then the 'real' head plate is made. I guess his surgery won't be until after the holidays now though. That upsets me because each day we are introducing more and more possible chances of infection when we tap him. If he gets one (an infection), he can't have the flap (plate) put into his head for another 6 months.

Kevin also went for a CT Angio today. His heart rate was elevated yesterday and they wanted to make sure all was well with it. I am thinking it might have been the new pain patch they put him on. They had just changed it and he became severely restless and agitated. Maybe with his head the way it is it's causing a different reaction than normal. Not sure. I am keeping an eye on it though. Luckily - everything came back fine with his heart. YAY!

Well, off to bed for me. Steve - I think it was you that called while we were tapping Kevin's head. I will try to call you tomorrow.

I also contacted Building Homes for Heroes. The people that I talked to were so nice. Keeping our fingers crossed that they can help us out.


Alison said...

200 days. That is such a great milestone to look at - and it does feel like such a long time.

And glad to read that Kevin got a shower and was able to eat better, I'm sure all that helped him feel better. Soon he'll be using all those Subway and Cheesecake Factory gift cards he got for Christmas!

Keeping my fingers crossed for no infection and that the surgery plans stay on track, and that Homes for Heroes can help you all.

Vicki C said...

Hoping for things to improve more each day! Always keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Long-time RN said...

Fingers crossed for all to come together and fall into place to acquire the house.

Fingers crossed and prayers that Kevin remain infection free and stable until the surgery.

Jodi said...

Hi Les,

Wow, 200 days. Sometimes it still seems like just yesterday......

Great to hear Kevin did a little better yesterday! YAY!!
Keep fighting kiddo!!!

Fingers crossed that Building Homes for Heros can you out!!

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength and comfort for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Paige Tyler said...

Would you consider getting a paypal account and then putting a link to it on the sidebar of this blog? For those of us who would like to help you out that would help immensely. Think about it!

Lori Undercuffler said...

Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you guys often. It is almost the Christmas holiday and we have so much to be thankful for. I pray the each day Kevin finds new strength and so do you and Breezy. It is such a miracle that he is fighting this hard and achieving all that he is.

Know that we haven't forgot about you all back here in Brady. I sent some cards out for Kev and some extra cards for you to give to other vets that are in the hospital with him.

Take care and give him a hug from me. Lori (Meszaros)

Anonymous said...

I really have to hand it to you and Breezy for all that you have been going through. I haven't read your blog for about a week and sort of caught up on what has been happening to you even though I haven't read any of the comments. EWven though I haven't seen or talked to you for ages, I am definitely aware of your dedication to both Kevin and Breezy and that you never complained much if at all unless you really had to. I only wish that I could do or say something to make you feel better. I am definitely very familiar with the V.A. system and am aware of what goes on there so I can identify with what you are going through. Unless someone has any experience with the V,A, either working there or having someone as a patient there, one cannot fully comprehend as to what goes on there. There are some good aspects about the V.A. system but there are definitely alot of things that could be made better. After all, there are only active duty and veterans there, they deserve the best care possible. I think that you have every right to speak up for yourself and especially for Kevin. Kevin is there because he was injured surving his country and who deserves excellent care more than these heroes!!!! If one does not have any idea as to what the V.A. system is like, then you should keep your opinions to yourself. Well, I've probably vented enough for now. I would take away your pain if I could. Keep you head up and know that you have friends out here that really know you and understand that you will do what you need to do for Kevins sake. Give Kevin and Breezy and hug and kiss for me and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Love you guys!!!!

Jessica said...

I think a paypal account would be great!!! Please consider it.

Jessica said...

That's good to hear that Kevin didn't have quite so much pain today, although I'm sure it still had to be uncomfortable. I'm concerned, too, about the chance of infection. That would be such a shame if he had to wait six more months after all this time. You know I'll be praying about that!

Glad you could get in touch with Building Homes for Heroes; it would be awesome if they could help!

Miss Em said...

Jeezh!! I go away for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose.

Leslie, if the comments tell you that the staff is doing all that they can --- those who have followed from the beginning KNOW that those thoughts are full of B.S. so the best thing is to just ignore them.

You are there and dealing with everything including the B.S.
You know how best to fight for Kevin and the care the Military has stated he would be entitled to when he signed his contract with them.

If it takes calling the doctors and nurses discriptive names and talking like a bad-ass MF then YOU go for it.

Kevin is the one who will benifit from a very angry pit bull with a no non-sense attitude espicially when that pit bull is protecting her pup.

Now, don't worry if any four letter word{or worse} will offend me because I can cuss better than some dock workers. Actually, my first husband told me I could cuss better than a Russian sailor being put back on the ship that brought him.
{Hummm? Wonder how he knew that? :D lol}

Take care of yourself as best as you can. Eat, drink and take as many naps as you can. Kevin needs his 'Pit Bull Mommie' in fighting form.
Miss Em.