Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 189 - Dec 6, 2008

We had a really nice day today. We actually loaded Kevin up in the van and went to Fort Desoto in St Pete. We walked out onto the pier and just listened to the waves. We then bought some hot dogs from a vendor and had a little picnic.

After that we went to the Cheesecake Factory and bought a whole cake, grabbed another sub for Kevin from Subway (the 4th day in a row that he wanted the same sub) and then we went home and ate.

He was so wiped out tonight that he even fell asleep with the lights and tv on!

I forgot to mention that we had some visitors at the hospital this week and they were Charlie Daniels and Ross Perot. We got pics of Kev with Charlie, but we had to use Tracy's camera as mine was in the van. When she gets home she will send the pics along and I will upload them to the blog.

Tomorrow we have a very special group of people coming, but I am going to wait until then to let you know who, lol.


LISA said...


Way back when I used to visit Florida when my Aunt was still alive, she used to take us to a nice place called Sunken Gardens. It isn't far from where you are now.

It appears to be still there, as I just checked online. It was small and very nice. It wouldn't have the huge crowds that might bother Kevin.

Just a thought..

The house sounds nice and to get Kevin's reaction, it must REALLY be special...with even a pool.

Don't forget, with all of your family, friends and followers, you'll need a guest room for sure.

You must have one huge scrapbook in the making for Kevin ( and Brianna too ) with all that has happened. I'm glad you're getting photos of Kevin with the special visitors to the hospital.

Take care and the prayers have never stopped. The proof is in the pudding...look at Kevin today.

STAY proud of you all.

Jan said...

Oh my. I love Charlie Daniels and, yep, I voted for Mr. Perot. Twice. :) My children were tiny and I was so worried about leaving national debt for them to deal with. They're adults now and they WILL have to deal with it. Sad.

But - sounds like you had a nice peaceful day. And it was much deserved!

Miss Em said...


Glad to hear that Kevin enjoyed a trip out and about.
I know that the whole cheese cake and a Subway sandwich was a very good bribe. Especially for Kevin, who we already know 'LOVES' cheese cake and now we 'hear' is enjoying Subway sandwiches.
If using this type of bribing will get Kevin to get out of that hospital and into the public places then ... YOU GO GIRL.
We all know that YOU will do whatever it takes to help YOUR 'Wounded Warrior' back into life.
So, Leslie, let us know if you need help in thinking up 'devious bribing ways' to get Kevin into the 'chair' and "scooting back" into life.

Charlie Danniels, I bet Kevin was bouncing on the bed with excitement.
Ross Perot, a quiet behind the scene supporter of our Wounded Warriors.
Both, who truly know what it means 'Proud to be an American' and are not afraid to show it.

Highlight of Kevin's week ...
1st...trip to two houses of which I chose one with the pool
2nd...a trip to the pier and a picnic of Hot Dogs
3rd...a whole cheese cake and Subway sandwiches
4th...Charlie Daniels and Ross Perot and I got pics

WHOO-EEE!! That would make me ready for a nap.

Long-time RN said...

What a busy week! Good to read Kevin really liked one of the houses. Hope a great deal is worked out with the bank. Looking forward to who the 'surprise visitors' are! Take care.

Barbara B said...

WOW! Charlie Daniels and Ross Perot! That's truly awesome. I absolutely adore Charlie Daniels. I had the honor of being the backstage paramedic for a big music festival in Marysville, CA that he and Wynonna were the headliners for. He is just as friendly and genuine as can be.(And so is Wy, for that matter.) What you hear and see from the man is truly who he is. I bet he was there as part of his Wounded Warrior Project. He's incredibly devoted to our military personnel, as we all should be. I hope Kevin and you enjoyed the visit.Does Kevin like Charlie Daniels' music? I would be glad to send him a couple of CDs of CDB music if he doesn't have any of them. Barbara

Jessica said...

So glad you had a great day! It must be relaxing to eat listening to the ocean waves.

That's awesome that celebrities are taking the time to visit the soldiers. It's so important and the soldier must really appreciate it.

Sounds like you had a good week overall. Praying that this week will be even better and that progress will be made regarding the house!