Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 135 - Oct 13, 2008

Hmmm...I am a little disappointed today. The neurosurgeon came and said that the gauge on the shunt just got misaligned and that's what caused the buildup of CSF. He did use the magnet to put it back to where it needs to be and he felt there was a difference after only 30 minutes, but I don't see any difference at all and it's been 13 hours since he left.

He is planning to come back in the morning to check it again and I am thinking he will test further then. Who knows...maybe I will come in tomorrow and it will be smaller and I will have been wrong, but I really don't think it's a gauge issue. And poor Kev is still in some pain. Sometimes he will just move and grab his head. I can only assume it's kinda like a migraine.

Other than that, it was a quiet day today. My mom and sister took off with my niece and went to the beach. And sadly, my dad ended up in the hospital in PA today. And my mom is here which makes it even worse. He is going to be ok, he just needs a stress test in the morning after having some chest pains today. My mom isn't going home until Wed afternoon, so my other sister is having to take care of everything on the home front.

So I am going to hit some of the questions y'all have asked.

Brenda - no box yet. I think things may end up in the mail room here at the hospital for a day or two. Let me know if you get a delivery confirmation and we will test that theory out.

Sgt G - the camera you sent arrived! Guys, this man and his wife sent me a new digital camera so that there are no blurry smiling pics any more. It has some kind of smile shutter and it also handles the blurries (I know - that's not a word, lol). And it came at a great time because Breezy took my camera home with her. Now I just need to figure out how to use it...

Jessica - although I am not 100% sure, I do believe the reason he can't sit long is because he has to rebuild all of those muscles from them not being used at all for months. We have been trying to strengthen them, but it's hard because when something like this shunt thing happens - we have to start all over again because we go days without being in the chair. And thanks for the link of the bullrider story. It was so understandable.

Kristen - tell Travis "hi" and that someday he will be able to go to the VA hospital in Butler to visit. I feel bad because there has been no time for me to call you guys at work and I miss our chats! Hell - I just miss all of you so much! I know you guys all read the blog so here is a personal "HELLO" to my girls at work!!

And that also applies to other friends from work (Cheryl, Susan, Jen, etc). Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Jenna - that is very interesting about shunts having problems if a person is healing too quickly. I wonder if that could be our problem? And thank your husband for him thinking that the other families here may fuel themselves with the progress Kevin has been making. That puts a new spin on things.

So there we are. A few less emails in my inbox. And hopefully tomorrow is a better day.


Brenda said...

Hi Hon,

Yes, I do have that information you asked for..

It was delivered on Oct.10th @ 2:18 pm. He was singed for by RMC CARTER.

Was shipped by FedX and weighed 12.2 pounds..

Tracking number is....006109856405237

Reference number is..8206979

Makes me mad he hasn't gotten it yet..

If you have problems let me know..Tell Kevin I'm thinking of him .

You take hon..


Jessica said...

That's so discouraging about the shunt problem, especially since it causes Kevin pain. I'll be praying that the doctors will sort it out once and for all!

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Your family doesn't need one more problem! I pray that the doctors would get to the root of his pain and find a good treatment.

Kevin is absolutely an inspiration to me, and in a way, must give the other BTI families hope for their own loved ones. But I do understand why you would feel the way you do. Something I've learned is that you can't quantify a person's emotional pain. You feel what you feel and no one else can compare or measure their pain to yours. Of course, there will always be someone in a worse situation than yours, but it doesn't make your pain any less valid. I think there's a fine balance between counting your blessing and being grateful for what you have, while at the same time acknowledging your losses and your pain.

Vicki C said...

I sure hope for less pain for Kevin tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Les, I haven't forgot you honey, I have been having some computer problems and my internet doesn't seem to want to stay connected and then you know me I get frustrated with it and quit. Sounds like Kev has had some problems again. I sure pray that they get the shunt fix and it stopps giving him so much trouble. Saw Moe the other day but she was talking to another couple about Kev and I didn't want to interupt her so I left. I will be praying for you guys and hope all goes well soon. Love ya, Pam

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you got the camera. I hope it helps out. Its the same one i have and i love it. Its really easy to operate. Sorry to hear about your dad and about Kevin's shunt. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that its better tomorrow. Give Kevin a squeeze for me.
~Monica G

Kris said...

Hey there Leslie, Breezy & Kevin,

I was saying a ton of extra prayers today that the doc was on time this morning and was able to do some tests to figure out this shunt issue. Also saying loads of extra prayers for your dad, that everything is ok and that you are all doing ok too. Good grief. Praying so hard for the strength, peace and comfort for you all - and may you get extra of each of those items.

God bless you Leslie, Breezy & Kevin - we're all out here praying for you and praying with you! And we always will be. Big, enormous bear hugs are being sent your way, all day every day.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

So sorry Kevin had a bad couple of days. As you know, though, head injuries are the most delicate issues anyone can have. The fact that Kevin has gone leaps and bounds in less than five months is mind boggling. He has exceeded all of our thoughts, hopes and prayers. I can't imagine how discouraged you must get, but Kevin, has, indeed, made a point that he is STRONG!!!!

Thanks for even thinking of me and Travis while you are dealing with all of this. Travis is drifting off to sleep right now. I will let him know you and Kevin were thinking of him.

I miss you so much!!! The whole Billing Department does, too!!! We keep you in our thoughts and prayers each and every day!!!

Kristen M.