Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 131 - Oct 9, 2008

My mom and my sister, Dawn, came today to spend a few days. It's such a big help because Breezy is in PA for a week or so. And we went and had a nice dinner tonight, which was great. And Kev made out because he got more cheesecake, lol.

So...let's see...Kevin was fitted again for his helmet. Once it's complete, he can get up on the parallel bars and walk (with the help of a brace for his right arm and leg). He will actually have to wear this any time he goes anywhere or does anything. It's just to protect his brain as he has no skull on his left side to do the job. To give y'all an idea of what it's gonna look like, here are some pictures. Mind you, this is just a soft template, but you will get the gist. Oh - and Kev is being a smartass in these pics. In the first one he was pretending to be scared and in the second he was acting like he was Joe Cool. He is such a dweeb, lol.

If you notice in the second one, you can see the top of his new arm brace. His right arm is perpetually curled up to his neck in a spasm. It won't even straighten out at all - even with applied pressure. So we have a new brace that has a gauge on it that you turn to force it over a long time span to straighten out. It's actually pretty cool that something like this can be done, but it does bother Kevin to wear it for too long. We started out with an hour today and want to get up to overnight.

And I am pleased to tell you that Kevin has already graduated to regular meals. No more soft solids. Yeah - 2 days and he is already eating so much food. Obviously we can't give him chips or anything like that, but he gets a normal tray now. I do have to cut all of his food up, but he is doing so well!

I did learn something today too. I figured Kevin had a lot of problems with his lips because they had to grow back, but that's not the real reason. It turns out that it's because his neck was so badly burned. Just like his eyes, as it is healing it is getting tight. And as it tightens, it is pulling his lower lip down and down causing it to be dropped from his mouth. It looks like he will need surgery to correct that. I am hoping they can do it when they do the lower lid release. Every time he goes under I get physically sick. I hate it!

And to end out the night, here is a pic of Kev pretending to be asleep. He does it to see how much he can get away with, lol.

And while I am thinking about it - I want to thank everyone again!! We really appreciate all of the support that y'all have given us. We have received so many beautiful gifts - like the quilt that so many people from all over the US made together (started by Holee) and the other blankets and CDs and learning toys and two Terrible Towels (which you have to see Kevin swinging around like he is at a game and he is chanting "Steelers, Steelers, Steelers", lol) If I can figure out how to get a video of it - I will post it. It's just so funny! But I digress - I do want to thank everyone. Even the financial support has made it possible for us to be here. I gotta say - we really just couldn't do this without all of you.

I thank each and every one of you from the very bottom of my heart. Our hearts, really, as Kev and Breezy would say the same.

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU!


Jessica said...

I hope you have a great visit with your mom and sister. It's good to have family support and nice for Kevin to see them.

How exciting to hear about Kevin in the early preparations for walking! He's going to do it, I just know it.

Jodi said...

Hi Les!

Sorry I have been away, I have been really sick. But I have read and caught up on all the posts and am so happy with all Kevin's improvements and accomplishments! And the pictures! WOW! He looks great and he looks happy! That is AWESOME!!!!
You 3 are amazing people! The love you have for one another has gotten you thru this and will continue to help you thru it and Kevin heal. Wow. I wish I were there right now to give all of you a huge hug!!!!!


Thanks for sharing the pics with us Les. It warms my heart to see Kevin, it really does. I have tears of happiness running down my face. Thank you Leslie, thank you.

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel.
Big hugs and lots of kisses for all of you!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Diana Bellman said...

Hi Les, Glad to see more pictures of Kevin. He looks good and you know you said a few days ago how amazing it is how much progress Kevin has made thus far and that is the truth. I think back to the beginning of this journey for Kevin and how he was at the time and to see him now and the progress he's made it's just simply amazing. He's young, he's determined and a fighter. Plus he has the backbone and support from his mom and sis and that is what keeps him going. Here's a toast to many more good days to come. Keep your strength! and I hope you enjoy the company of your mom and Dawn. Love you all.

Vicki C said...

Oh Les, it's so great to see and hear these progressions as they are happening! Kevin is looking great! I love it when he is joking and being a stinker!!! You know they are getting better when they act like that! right? lol
That quilt is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Les, Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. I love the smile that is sure Kevin. It makes me feel happy to see him smile and he does look happy. I miss ya and I hope that I get to see Breezy this time when she is home. I missed her the last time. You take care. I would like someone to take your picture with Kev so I can get a look at you to girl. Love ya bunches. Pam

Brenda said...

hi Les,

Just wanted to give you a heads up. According to FedX , Kevin's package is on their truck and should be delivered today if it hasn't already.

Please let me know if it gets there alright..I always worry until things get there to you..

I also found Kevin a giant checkers set..will be shipping it soon..


cindy said...

so glad that kevin is doing much better. gee he looks great in the pictures. yup you can tell he is getting better. love and prayers to all the family.


Lil Tinker said...

OMGosh! He looks FABULOUS! He seems to be quite a character too! LOL at the faces he made for the camera. Has he always been a ham? I must say that while I know the burns are severe, his face and neck look fantastic and I think that it is going to just keep getting better over time.

Way to go Kevin! We are all pulling for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks really good! And you know, there's a news reporter named Bob Woodruff that had similar injuries due to a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2006. I just saw him on TV a few days ago, back on the job. You can't tell that two years ago he was in a coma, on a ventilator, had a tracheotomy, and had part of his skull missing. He had to learn to speak, walk...just about everything. But you sure can't tell now. He had a loving family and friends supporting him every inch of the way, just like Kevin does. Keep up the great work you all are doing. Barbara B.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kevin, Talk about making my day lol first pizza, now an egg mcmuffin, How exciting miss you all will be seeing you soon. Love Tracy

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! It's so awesome to come on each nite and read of all your progress Kevin! I LOVE the patriotic quilt! Congrats on moving up to solid foods, and your trips out and about.

Keep up the good work...we're all so proud of you
Vickie Cheek
173rd 2-503 MOM