Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 130 - Oct 8, 2008

I can say this much - Kevin will talk again! I am sitting here now (this post is going to span all day) with the speech pathologist and Kevin was able to say "Steelers" almost clearly. (Yes! Can you believe he can't say "MOM", but he can say "Steelers"? Where is the justice in that, I ask?!! lol)

He is also able to play tic tac toe and is able to write his name (albeit sloppily, but still...) He also knows what year it is, and he was able to choose his birthday, but he does still think he is 19 years old. That's ok because he had a birthday while he was still in his coma so I am assuming that is natural.

He also had Pizza Hut pizza today and did fantastic with it! He was so happy! He ate about 1 and 1/2 pieces.

It was a very hectic day, but it was just normal busy so it was ok. We both managed to take a little nap this afternoon though, which was really nice.

So I am going to just answer a few questions because there really isn't much to say today.

Holee - Sew Much Comfort has already altered some clothing for Kevin. We just can't wear anything for long yet because it bothers him. We already have some skin breakdown on his right elbow from his compression garments so we are holding off on any other articles of clothing at this point.

DeeZee - Kevin was given the alternate of wearing his PT clothes instead of his uniform as of yesterday (when I pitched my fit), but as mentioned above - we are still planning to hold off for a while.

Steve - I have intended to call you since yesterday, but time is just so hard to find right now. I do have your number and will try as soon as I have a chance.

Pam - shoot! Kevin isn't tired from trying to keep up with me - I'm tired from trying to keep up with him, lol!

Barbara - I just ordered "My Stroke of Insight" from Amazon. That looks like a fascinating read! I just can't even fathom being intelligent enough to realize you are having a stoke and remembering all of what you went through well enough to write a book about it eight years later. Unbelievable! (I guess this explains why I am not a brain scientist, huh? LOL)

Cory - I am sure Kev would love video of you guys skateboarding. Send it along!

Mel and Brian - thanks for sending the 'screamo' CDs. I know Kev will love them - but I sure won't!! LOL!

So here we 130! Wow, huh? Who would have thought we would make it this far...and have made such GREAT strides!


Megan said...

Hey Leslie-
I haven't been on in a few days. If I had been, I would have agreed with everyone else the other day when you were so fired up (and rightly so!!!) I am glad that crap has passed.

It sounds like Kevin is making awesome strides. No wonder you are so proud of him.

Is there anything you want for/need (well, I mean, other than Kev being all better and being home:-)? Anything you'd just like to have? Let me know if there is anything any of us can do!

Anonymous said...

here we go steelers!!! Does Kevin get to watch the games at all? I cant wait for the day he says mom again! I have no doubt that he will say it, its only a matter of time. Soon he will be a jabber jaw and you wont be able to stop him! Kevin has come so far! And pizza hut pizza is the best! I am so very happy that kevin is making such stunning progress! I am hoping that since he can eat normal now he will build his strength and make even more improvements. and maybe put a little weight on, lol. Here's to celebrating another great day! Here we go Kevin, here we go!

Lisa Damrosch said...

I am in awe. Thank you for sharing Kevin's amazing accomplishments. I have a question...where is Breezy's favorite place to shop?

SSG Potskowski said...

Ma'am, I'm sorry I have not written sooner, but I have not been sure what to say. I have been reading your blog everyday since late June. I was Kevin's Drill Sergeant at Basic Training. I'm sure I could tell you some stories about him that would put a smile on your face, but I'll keep this short. I wanted to let you know that Kevin is in my prayers, as are you and your family. If the uniform issue is not resolved let me know, and I will do all I can to help at my end. We need to take care of our wounded MP's, and I'm sure the leadership of the Regiment would understand. Keep up the great work.
Drill Sergeant Potskowski

Jan said...'s just like the "mama, dada" thing. Mama spends 20 hours a day feeding, bathing, and changing diapers, only to hear baby say "dada" as his first word. Kevin doesn't love the Steelers more than you, it's just that he doesn't need to ask for "mama" because you're always there. LOL

So happy to hear Kevin can write his name! That's a biggie!

armyparents said...

YEA KEVIN!!!!! We knew this would happen(well maybe not saying steelers instead of mom LOL) That is wonderful news. So Leslie can I send his package to the hospital or to you? Have another wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being answered daily with you all, their is no Greater Person than the Lord Jesus Christ. He really does supply all are needs. My prayers are with you always. The way Kevin is progressing I would say the army praying for him is working!! Did Kevin get the pictures of Wayne? I hope so Wayne really wanted him to have them. Stay strong you are such a wonderful mother with all your patience and love and keep up being a mother lion protecting her cub.

Diana Bellman said...

HI! Les, Glad to hear such wonderful news. Although Kevin said Steelers before "mom" doesn't mean that he doesn't know who's more important to him. He's gonna make you wait for awhile and say it when you least expect it to make you even more happy about all of his progress. Remember, he's a jokester so he's gonna pull a fast one on ya. Lol You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your strength. Love YA!

Anonymous said...

Great news Les! Who really cares what he says, the fact is he is getting better and better every day. I am sure every word he says is music to your ears and you are seeing more of Kevin and himself everyday. That's just AWESOME!
Love ya!

Karen McDeavitt said...

Hey Leslie,
So glad to hear such great news. It seems each day is bringing you guys closer and closer to where we all want you to be! Way to go Kevin!
Take care of yourself too!
Talk soon,
Love ya,
Karen, Mark & Kids

Vicki C said...

YES!!!! Fantastic!
(and so glad to hear you won the "uniform" battle.. so I can settle down. I was getting worked up about that! lol