Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 822 - Aug 29, 2010

I think I spoke too soon about the pain level for Kevin. Last night he wanted meds about every 45-60 minutes. He called me all night long. I felt so bad because there really is only so much I can give him, but we did make it through the night in the end. He has needed quite a bit today too, but not like it was last night.

I am concerned that he does appear to be building up some fluid over the plate (which could be causing the pain), but I am hoping it will go away. The only thing is - it's getting larger, not smaller. I am going to give it until Tuesday and see what happens. The problem is that the glands that absorb the fluid were burnt too badly on Kevin causing him to not be able to reabsorb all the fluids in his head.

So the get-together is going to be on Sept 11 at the Allstars in East Brady. I would love for all of the bloggers, friends and family to come. I want it to be a surprise for Kevin so I am asking for everyone to try to be there around 7pm (Kevin and I will come around 7:15). Although the Allstars is a bar, we are going to be in the dining room so kids (or his friends that are under 21) are welcome until about 9pm. We will have appetizers and drinks are available for purchase. I will try to grab some soda or juice for the kids. Truly, I hope everyone can come. I want Kevin to be so happy to see everyone.

And I want to reiterate that we will not be going anywhere to visit anyone this trip. I know we always drove all over to see everyone, but this trip there won't be time. If you want to see us - this is probably the only way to do so. (and if we aren't at Allstars later in the evening - check the Cloud - we gotta visit Nay too)

And before I forget - Karen - you asked about the baby...all is right in Breezy's household, lol. She bought the baby a Steelers jersey this week and as far as she's concerned - nothing else is necessary. Unfortunately - Chris bought the baby a Giants jersey. Geez. You ain't catching me anywhere near that house when the two teams play each other, lol.

And now I am heading to bed. It's early, but hopefully Kevin will let me get some sleep.


Kris said...

Saying extra prayers that today was a better day for Kevin (and you Leslie!) with the pain. I just kept staring at the photos you posted the other day and remain in awe at how far Kevin has come. I'll always be in awe of Kevin, and you too Leslie and Breezy, you are all just incredibly remarkable human (super human???) beings. God bless you all and here's to a better week!!

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Long-time RN said...

Sure hoping the fluid build up stops and Kevin's pain decreases. Thoughts and prayers.

Jessica said...

Shoot! Things were going so well. I sure hope today was a better day for him and that the fluid will stop building up. I'll definitely be praying about that and about the pain.

Sounds like you have an exciting visit planned! I hope someone videotapes the look on Kevin's face when he sees all the people gathered to see him!

Cathy M said...

Praying for the pain to GO AWAY.