Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 813 - Aug 20, 2010

We had a very interesting day today. First, Kevin had another fantastic therapy session. While there I asked the therapists to help me work on Kevin being able to say "I want..." It's my goal to start introducing more sentences as opposed to single words to ask for things. So now he has to say "I want strawberry milk" or "I want lemonade". So far, so good, but I still have to usually nudge him with the beginning sounds.

After we got home we had a film crew come to tape an interview with myself followed by some interaction between Kev and I. If I remember correctly it is going to be used in front of Congress and will be submitted to the media, hopefully garnering interest in the issue of caregiving. The folks that came were all so nice and Kevin did really well with them - showing off all his gadgets - especially his iPad!

And then tonight Kevin actually sat in the living room with me and watched not one, but TWO movies! We watched "She's Out of My League" first because I noticed his friend Grant said he liked it on Facebook one day and then Kevin had taped "Stomp the Yard" and we watched that one next. I figured if Grant liked the first movie, Kevin would like it too and he did! (thanks Grant!!) Kevin really loved all the Pittsburgh stuff in the movie too (it was filmed there). He was so excited to see PNC Park and the Pens playing. It was just a little taste of home for both of us really.

And now the boy is trying to get settled. I am hoping for a very lazy weekend as it will be rough once he's in the hospital. I know I will be staying there Monday night with him, but even if I come home at night the rest of the time he is inpatient - the days are just so long.

So anyway, here's to doing nothing the next two days!

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