Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 812 - Aug 19, 2010

What a horrid day. You just can't believe how bad it was and I'm not going to focus on all of it and explain each disgusting detail, but I will tell you how it ended.

We went to return movies at the family center and then went to the store to pick up milk and stuff. Johnny went with us and he was to leave at 10pm. So we got back to the apartment right at 10:00 and I put the key in the lock to unlock the door and it wouldn't turn. Well...that's not would turn, but only as if to lock the door. It would not UNLOCK it at all!

So I called the emergency maintenance line for the apt complex and I also called Breezy to have her come over too. I had a bad feeling because the elevator was down over the weekend again and when I called on Sunday night (after Moe and I got here) I got no response. When I called the office on Monday morning, they seemed shocked that no one called me back the night before. I did wait a few minutes tonight, but when they didn't call back, I did decide to have Breezy run over with her key (she lives a half hour away). Thank goodness I did too because nobody has ever called me yet - 5 hours later (and I did call and leave more messages - none of them friendly!).

I just don't know what's going on here, and frankly - I don't care. There is just no excuse. What is the sense in having an emergency line if no one is manning it?

Now tomorrow is a really busy day for us, but I have got to find the time to go to the office and make sure they understand that this was the last straw for us. There are just too many situations here - heck, the elevator has been down 3 times in the 4 months we have been here alone. Totally unacceptable!

And you know what? They are just going to have to pay Johnny's wages as he was an hour late getting out of here and I don't think Kevin should have to foot the bill.

I am still pretty mad! Hopefully I can sleep though as that's where I am going right now.


Anonymous said...

You have every right to be upset over this. Sounds like really poor building management and maintenance. Did Kevin have to do the stairs?
I'm sorry you had to deal with all this. Well, hopefully today you'll get it all worked out, and there will be a good ending to all of this. Chin up,......deep breath...good things are ahead!

Take care today,

Anne Van Atta said...

This is totally unacceptable,Leslie; you invest everything in Kevin's constant care-and they are taking rent from you... how dare the management not take special considerations for Kev? Do they not understand that such a brave young hero is gracing their apartment complex?

I wish you a much better day tomorrow...

Love, Anne

Jessica said...

What a horrible maintenance staff! I would have been ticked off, too. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything else.

I think it's super encouraging to hear about Kevin's therapy session! It's amazing to hear that he's reading and able to tell time.

You're in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you're able to get the maintenance staff issues worked out. That's just so frustrating and unacceptable!
Take care.