Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 802 - Aug 9, 2010

If you can believe it - today Kevin and Johnny left and went to a skate shoppe! Yep - they left me all alone here for a couple of hours and they went shopping. I could almost here this sigh of 'all is right in the world' when Kevin walked in the door with a new skateboard. Yes, yes - I know - he can't even ride it, but it is the one thing that he is most in tune with. The one thing that he NEEDS to have near him. I foolishly left his other ones in FL so he hasn't had one in his possession since we got here in Feb. Poor kid.

BUT - all is well now. And who knows...maybe it will get him working at PT and OT all the more with the goal of being able to ride it someday.

(oh and I already took a picture of it, emailed it to him and it's now his background on his iPad. You shoulda seen his face when I surprised him with that!).

So I got to stay home ALL ALONE!! Yipee!! I scrubbed the kitchen down and then prepped some snacks/lunch for the next couple of days and then called my parents and actually had an uninterrupted phone call with them. Amazing. I still can't believe he went and I am going to try to push Kevin to get out with Johnny every Monday. I know they are both anxious for the movie "The Expendables" and I think that's on next week's agenda.

And don't you think it's just a miracle that Kevin can go shopping kinda by himself? I mean, he knows how to use his debit card and everything. I am allowed to give him a monthly allowance out of his VA benefits and he does really well with it. Obviously we don't really do much so there isn't a whole lot of money spent each month, but it still just makes me so happy that he CAN go shopping and he CAN use his own debit card.

Ok, I need to get Kevin's bank accounts reconciled so I am going to sign off. Before I go though, to the anon person that asked about shirt sizes - we are both mediums.

And technically - it's only 1 1/2 days before Moe gets here. And Moe? Don't let me back out of vacation. I am having a little bit of anxiety at times about leaving him. I know Breezy can handle it, but still...

Oh shoot - and speaking of Breezy - I have had a few phone calls lately and everyone wants pictures of the preggo girl, lol. Here she is:

She is somewhere around 4 1/2 months pregnant. She thinks she felt the baby move last week one day, but now she is questioning it. She just went to the ob/gyn on Thursday and the baby's heartbeat is really strong. The doc also told her the baby is about 10 inches long and it's head is the size of a walnut.

I am still having all of her symptoms. I have been nauseous for a while now (I even threw up last week after eating pizza), I am constantly peeing and oh the heartburn! I have not had heartburn since I was pregnant with Kevin. I ONLY get heartburn when I AM pregnant. Totally not right for me to be having a sympathy pregnancy. I'm tellin' ya - if I feel even one tiny contraction...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but your sympathy pregnancy gave me a good laugh during this hectic week. I'm sure you don't think it's funny at all though :)
Is Breezy having the same symptoms or are you having them for her?
Hope things continue to improve for you AND the kids.
Love, Aunt Mona

Anonymous said...

What a light cheerful post Ms. Leslie. I am so glad that things are on the upswing right now. I've followed your posts for long enough to know that the family has peaks and valleys; hope this peak gets really big and goes on for a long time. Kevin with his skate board - can he get on it? Is there a skate park there he could go and at least watch others? Might give him some incentive to get to PT / OT?? Just a thought.
We were up through Brady over the weekend. The bridge has really made the town look beautiful. I just love the view of the river from crossing the bridge. It just seems so peaceful.
Oh, while my husband was in the hospital (long story / nightmare we are going through), we ran into my husband's cousin Marci...who said she would hang out at your video store all the time and to tell you "Hi!" if I posted a comment....
Here's to more good days!
Thoughts and prayers (and a little piece of Western PA),

Anonymous said...

I agree. A funny and FUN posting. Glad to hear that Kevin was thrilled to get the skateboard and the picture you took of it for his IPAD. It's the little things sometimes, right? You are so funny,....with your sympathy symptoms! Lol. Breezey looks just lovely with her baby belly. Wow, how exciting to look forward to the baby coming.
I love my "alone" time, so I was happy for you and your time alone. Now, Moe can come and you'll have such fun. AND, don't back out of your little trip away. It'll be so good for you!
Have another fantastic day today!

bearlythr said...

I am thrilled that you got some actual down time and that Kevin had a blast shopping for the new skateboard. Sounds to me like his cognitive thinking and problem solving skills( dealing with money uses both )are definately improving - great motivator, that skateboard!!
As for that sympathetic pregnancy...oh girl, better you than me! Breezy looks absolutely beautiful by the way : )

karen said...

Tell Breezy that she probably did feel the baby ... that's a pretty normal time to feel the first feelings ... for me kind of like a flutter -- I called it my guppy. I couldn't believe with my third, I felt him at 2 MONTHS! When I asked my midwife, she said that it happens ... she said the uterus gets thinner each time, and one is more used to the feelings. Also, tell her she looks fabulous!

ps. I love it when everybody leaves my house and I can putter and exist, just exist. I think that is the hardest part of living with others, especially young children and special guys who need lotsa loving attention. LOL I used to send my guy out, back before kids, so that I could have my "alone time" in the house.

Long-time RN said...

Ahh yes-alone time!! Isn't it amazing how much gets accomplished without interruption. :-)

What a joy reading about the skateboard purchase. What a great idea sending Keving the photo for his iPad!

Aw geez, sympathy pregnancy symptoms. Sounds like you could use some OTC Pepcid or something to tackle that heartburn! Have a great vacation!!