Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 795 - Aug 2, 2010

Today was a really good day. Kevin went to his first 'real' physical therapy appt and he rocked it!! We were doing PT and then OT back to back so we opted for 1/2 hour sessions to make sure he could handle it and he REALLY rocked it!

Check out this little video of him on the bike:

For all you Atreyu fans out there - they are jammin to it in the background. Kevin is able to bring his music in and listen to it while working out.

So after PT, he went into a room and had an OT evaluation done. Everything is on target for that to start on Wed and I was very excited to see that while they are doing PT/OT - they also do a form of cognitive therapy. They did some cognitive testing while we were doing the OT eval.

I can't stress how excited I was to see that Kevin was able to write two words today from memory - cat and dog!! He has only been able to write Mom and Kevin without any help before and I couldn't believe my eyes when he pulled it out of his memory! The therapist was just as excited saying 'it's all in there - it just needs to be pulled back out!


So before we even left for PT/OT, the speech pathologist from the VA called me today and had an opening to come to the house and work with Kevin. She actually beat us here as his other therapies ran over a bit (he didn't want to leave!) so our time was limited, but she got some of the generalities out of the way. She is going to come once a week for now and when our schedule gets a bit lighter (after the surgery), we will probably end up going where we go for the other therapies. This way he can have 3 days a week instead of 1. We just don't have time now though with the skin expander and dentist appointments.

And then tonight Johnny also came. He and Kevin did end up going down the road, but only to McDonalds. It was ok as it was the first time and I am thinking that they will probably go out and about all the time now that the first time has occurred.

So they weren't gone long and then ended up just coming home to eat and then they went into Kevin's room to watch a movie. It wasn't too long later that I heard Kevin snoring and I so wasn't surprised! Kevin had had a really busy day so far and had to be exhausted.

So Kevin is now talking on the phone to Tracy and has been for a good hour or so. It enabled me to get all of this post done uninterrupted! YAY! He is doing so much better with his talking, isn't he? He did pretty well with the word lemonade the other night - and so far he is remembering it more often that not!


GrannieEv said...

How wonderful

Jodi said...

Awesome!! Love the video! Looks like things are going well. That is great Les!


Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Anonymous said...

Fantastic....to see Kevin on the bike, doing so well, and the news about him writing cat and dog....another woohoo from me!! Don't give up.....those words are in there....very positive news.


Tracey from Pgh. said...

Praise the Lord!

Michelle Long said...

Loved the video the other night. And him saying hi to Moe. Cracked up about the cigarette in his mouth, I knew exactly who it was meant for Moe, she and I discussed it sometime ago.