Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 821 - Aug 28, 2010

So Kevin and I are going home to Pennsylvania for a short visit the week after next. I have to be in court for a guardianship review and I really have no choice but to take him with me.

I had already cleared it with the neurosurgeon and he said he sees no problem. So as long as Kev doesn't get any infections, we are good to go.

We are both pretty excited and I have to share what Kevin said this morning. I told him that we were going and his eyes lit up and I could see the wheels just churning and the next thing I know he says - clear as a bell - SURPRISE! (not a word we have ever worked on either) He wants to go home and surprise everyone so I am going to ask that if anyone sees him around town - please act surprised!

On a side note, I do plan to have a little surprise get together myself for him on Saturday the 11th. I don't know where yet or even what time, but I will let y'all know. I so hope he gets to see lots of his friends. We will only be there a few days as the trip is not really in the budget, so the get together is really going to be the only way we can see people. We won't have time to get out and about.

I just can't wait for everyone to see the change in his speaking! Today he has just repeated everything I said. It's like being with a whole new person! I really do like that he is able to repeat, but what's even better is when he comes up with words on his own - like the word "Surprise". How cool is that, huh?

And to finish this post, as well as show you guys what I mean, here is a video of Kevin singing a song to my mom. He has never been able to say the word "Grandma" until last night and this song was always a little slurred. I honestly cry every time I watch this.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Anonymous said...

I can not imagine a more wonderful birthday song in all of the world. I have tears in my eyes too...absolutely fabulous !

Lisa D in Cali

Angie said...

WOW, is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you get to go to PA! You are getting all kinds of surprises with Kevin! He sings the Happy Birthday song so clearly too!
Have a nice Sunday!
Kathy in IA

Lucy Jane said...

That is the sweetest rendition of Happy Birthday I have ever heard! I'm with you and Lisa with the tears...

Anonymous said...

That was the most beautiful birthday song ever!! Kevin you are my hero!!

Jodi said...

I cried too...happy tears. That is so awesome!!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

bearlythr said...

I can just imagine many of us, sitting teary eyed with joy, at how amazing Kevin is and what a difference the plate makes. I will pray for NO infections and a safe journey home for you guys. It is such a blessing that you get this short time to visit friends and loved ones.
God bless and keep you both,

Long-time RN said...

Oh man, that rendition brought tears. How wonderful, Kevin! Just lovely. =)

Anne Van Atta said...

That made me teary, too...amazing progress! I hope Kevin and you have a wonderful and safe trip home!


Tracey from Pgh. said...

Unbelievable! "Grandma" was as clear as can be!! That is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Leslie,...I have never heard Kevin speak so well, so fluid, so effortless! How beautiful! What a gift for all of us to hear. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, you dont know me brother just a brother in arms. I am in the United States Navy in Kabul right now. You give me motivation. Stay strong Brother i hope you enjoy PA and GO Steelers.


IT1 Stenftenagel

Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful voice Kevin!