Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 817 - Aug 24, 2010

I am going to post tonight's entry early so I can go home and sleep all night tonight.

So...they took Kevin about 8am this morning and in roughly an hour the nurse came in and told me that they couldn't put the plate in his head because it appeared that Kevin had an infection around the expander.

I was so upset. I couldn't even make one phone call because I was truly devastated. So I just curled up on my cot and tried to pretend that I didn't hear what I had just heard. Mostly, I just cried.

I did understand that it was necessary to keep the plate infection free so we sure didn't want to implant it in an already infected area, but @#$@&!!

So as I was lying here the plastic surgeon came in - the one that was worried about the infection. He told me that there was some funky fluid that had white particles floating around in it and it made everyone just stop.

Lucky for us - all of the surgeons really wanted to make this work for Kevin so both plastics and neuro had a hand in taking the fluid to the lab and getting it tested right then and there for infection.

At this point, Kevin was already sewn back up and in recovery since they only removed the expander.

Again, lucky for us, after a half hour or more, the lab determined that the fluid was infection free so the neurosurgeon ran back upstairs and took Kevin back to the OR where he completed the initial surgery putting the plate back into Kevin's head.


What a morning, huh?

So Kevin was in ICU for a bit and they moved him back to his regular room a couple of hours after the surgery was complete. He has since taken some pain meds and has been sleeping for hours. I made a bunch of phone calls and Breezy is on her way with some soup from Panera Bread for dinner and I am hoping he will eat a little bit at some point tonight. This has become our traditional after surgery meal. We always have Broccoli and Cheese Soup with a baguette.

And something interesting happened today too. The neurosurgeon brought us the model of Kevin's head. It is an exact replica - size and shape - of what Kevin looks like under all that skin. Here are some photos:

So can y'all imagine the questions this is gonna raise at airport security?

"Excuse me ma'am...why do you have a skull in your suitcase?"



Anonymous said...

Wow......WOW!!! What a day you've had! I'm so glad that the plate could be put in today! At first I was thinking that we'd have to wait again for 6 months, and what a disappointment that would have been.
So....all the expanded skin worked and there was enough? I'm just thrilled that all went well. Thanks for the photos too. They were great.

Thank you , God!

Long-time RN said...

Oh my, what a day! What a roller coaster of emotion. So very glad the docs took the sample and then were able to proceed!

Amazing photos. Great sense of humor on the airport comment!

Thoughts and prayers for recovery.

Leslie said...

Glad everything went OK, after the initial disappointment! {{{Hugs}}} to you all!

Judy B said...

Oh Leslie, the despair you must have felt before you got the good news!!! I am so happy that things have gone OK and my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!!!

Jodi said...

Hi Les,

I am glad there was no infection and they proceeded with the surgery. Hope he heals well with no complications!!!

Wow, those are cool pictures!

Get some rest Les. Hang in there.

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!
Big hugs and all my love to you!!!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Lorraine said...

WOW WOW WOW what a day of ups and downs. Hope tomorrow are all ups!! Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep. Thoughts, prayers and love is sent your way. Please can things start to go right for Kevin now? ? ? Lorraine and Rick

Anonymous said...

What stress!!!!! Thank God they were able to put it in today! You must feel so relieved. My heart sank when I read about a possible infection. I'm so glad they were cautious and wanted to make sure everything was going to be fine before putting it in. Gosh, what a day. I think you need a glass of wine! I felt like one by reading your post. hahaha
I'm so happy for all of you! Our son loves that same soup except he gets his in a bread bowl. ha
Wow- that would be wonderful if he has an appetite already. But it's Kevin I have to remember. He bounces back so unbelievably fast.
Anyway, it's amazing what they can do in surgery- that's for sure! The forms are amazing. Sometimes it's just hard to believe all of this is going on. I'm just glad the surgery is over. Oh, did they do the botox?
Take care and tell Kevin we're thinking of him and praying too!
Kathy in IA

Jessica said...

I'm so relieved to hear the good news! Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Praise God the surgeons were so intent on getting the plate in today that they did the lab test right away. What a relief that must have been!

Hope you get some rest tonight. I'll keep praying that all continues to go well and that Kevin's pain is minimal. Take care and God bless!

karen said...

Everyone is saying wow, and that was the word in my head too. Wow!!!

I totally would have curled up on a bed too. I was right there with you.

So great to have a team that is working well together, has hope and shows it, and bounces through the pseudo-setbacks. What a team!

Am thinking about you all here.


Lisa D in Cali said...

I didn't exhale the entire time I was reading. Holy Moly, what a day. I'm just so happy for you all that things ended up being a go for surgery. Wow is right. Prayers for a quick and uneventful recovery from here.

Linda said...

I am sure you are SO relieved this day is over! I can't even imagine the heartbreak after hearing at first they couldn't do the surgery! Thank God for the Dr.s quick thinking and action on getting the fluid tested for infection!! Did they find out what the "funky fluid" was though???

sherri said...

Hi Leslie,
I'm so excited and happy that everything turned out the way it did. As I read your post, it was like turning the pages of a suspense novel...Oh,no, there's infection and they can't do the surgery! What's going to happen next? Wait, they're testing the fluid right now! Yippee, they can go ahead and put in the plate!! Broccoli cheese soup comin' up. I'm thrilled with the happy ending in this chapter of your life. Leslie, you really should consider publishing your and Kevin's story. You are a gifted writer. Love always, Sherri

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I sure hope you are all getting some well-deserved rest at last. The pictures are just astounding!!!

Keep your sense of humor, sometimes it's the only thing that keeps us from jerking out handfuls of hair (ours or someone else's...lol)

Blessings to you all!

bearlythr said...

I will continue to pray for a complication free time of healing for Kevin and some much needed rest for his exhausted Mama.
God bless you both,

Kris said...

Good grief what a day it must have been!! So glad that things ended up going according to plan - eventually anyway! VERY COOL pics of the model. Hope Kev is feeling pretty good today, and that you were able to get some rest!! Onward and upward!! God bless you all.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Anonymous said...

So relieved to hear the good news.
Prayers continuing...

GrannieEv said...

So glad the surgery is over and he's on the road to recovery. What fighters y'all are.

Cathy M said...

Ohmygosh! What a day. The model is just amazing. Sooo happy things turned out ok.

Kind of sad you have an "after surgery" tradition, though. At least it is a yummy one!

Praise God.

Anonymous said...

The skull replicas are really cool! Who is the surgeon that is doing this?