Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 797 - Aug 4, 2010

It has been a really rough couple of days. Kevin must have hurt himself a little bit at therapy the other day (or at least used muscles that haven't been used in a long time) and he has been in a lot of pain since Monday night. I am medicating him pretty constantly and it's still been very difficult to get through the days.

Poor Lea. She came yesterday and after literally being on the phone for 5 hours straight, I opted to get out for a little bit. Actually, while I was talking to one group of people on the phone I mentioned how I hadn't even been able to get the massage that the kids gifted me for Mother's Day. So that's what I did yesterday. I FINALLY went for the massage!

But anyway, Lea even texted me and while I was gone and was shocked at how needy Kevin was. She met me downstairs at the car because I went for groceries after the my spa appt and I grabbed her by the shoulders and said "WELCOME TO MY WORLD, LOL!!!!" Oddly enough - he is usually pretty good while Lea and Johnny are here. They usually sit and watch tv or something like that and that was apparently not happening yesterday! She was seeing how Kevin is all the time with me.

So anyway, he was medicated enough to still go to therapy today, but I had them take it easy on him. No bike, just some stretching.

And for some GREAT news!!! IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the iPad came!! We got it yesterday and I spent some time getting everything all set up. He can now watch movies via netflix, go on Facebook, check his email (I had to set up a new one so if you are his friend and would like to email him - message him on Facebook), he can go to his MySpace page and so far I downloaded iSpeak. I still have to delve into that one app to help him talk, but I want to make sure it will work as it's $200 and I don't want to buy it if I don't think he is really going to use it. It's just going to be a matter of finding the right one for him.

Now the iSpeak will work, kinda. It's a $1.99 app where you type something and push a button and it will say the words. The only problem is that he can't type (yet). I need to go in and type a bunch of things and then he can just click on them when he needs to, but I haven't had time to do that yet.

And I am going to sign off with a couple of photos of Kevin going to therapy today with his new iPad in hand! That carrying case rocks and Kev is just so excited! Once again - thanks Operation American Pride!!!!!


karen said...

Hey Leslie,

Good for you for going for your massage! I'm hoping to get a little self-care in this week ... we've had a pretty hairy couple of weeks with my mom being hospitalised and intubated (and ex, and ...).

I don't know if you were talking about this technology when you were saying it was $200 ...

But if you weren't, it is the one my friend uses and finds useful. Guess it is hard to tell what Kevin would really groove on ... wonder if you called the company you could arrange to "test" the software before buying? Let me know if I can make the call for you (I like making calls like those!) to find out. Kevin looks very cool with his iPad! And thrilled.

Oh, and my friends tell me they use and totally love AppleTV, though I have never really looked into it myself.

karen said...

oh, and I love it when somebody else gets a taste of something that is just plain HARD. sometimes it can make a person feel both vindicated (if that is the right word?) and like they have superhuman powers! Hope Kevin feels better soon and that it is just muscle aches from a good workout.

i. said...

Congrats on finally getting the massage. Next time, don'/t wait so long! ;-)

Is that a Toe-Off brace on Kevin's right leg? I was just fitted for a pair in June to replace the old plastic braces I had worn for 10 years. The new ones are awesome! I walk so much better in them that I've not been in my wheelchair once this summer. I hope it does as much for him as it has for me.

Anonymous said...

does kevin still have "airborne pride"? does he remember anything about jumping or being with the 173d? i notice that he never wears any kind of t-shirt that has army or airborne type logo on it.

Long-time RN said...

Sounds like the time was right for that massage! Good for you! Sorry to read Kevin is having increased pain, hopefully that'll decrease as therapy progresses.

Congrats on the iPad! Very cool! Hope it serves Kevin well and he has a blast using it.

Anonymous said...

@ Karen:

I wouldn't call it vindicated. I think that word is a little...harsh? It's kinda mean saying, "love it when somebody gets a taste of something...".. I rather believe that she at least experienced how Leslie felt and could at least felt a little more empathy? it felt as if you were saying, she deserved it.

At least she knows what Leslie goes through everyday and feels a little to know what the every day life is. I know you're wording was probably not meant to be mean, but that's how I read (was implied) about.

@ Leslie,
I'm super excited that you went out for yourself. Bet that was great! Feel a little relax, I hope? You deserve more massages. Maybe, everyday! Hopefully, you're given some time for a weekend maybe!

As for the iPAD, I'm extremely thrilled that Kevin has one. There's a lot of apps that you can download and have him use to learn everything again! This is exciting!I can't wait to read about any progress as I already have in the recent posts.