Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 819 - Aug 26, 2010

Kevin is feeling much better today. He is still in pain occasionally, but he has handled it much better today than yesterday.

He did have Botox done this morning on his arm. I know Kathy in IA asked about that and it wasn't done during surgery because they didn't want any other possible sources of infection in the OR. So he had it done today, but we had to keep his arm in a sling until tonight so that it didn't slide out of the shoulder socket due to the conscious sedation.

He did get up for a bit today too. Both Lea and Johnny came to visit this afternoon and Kevin enjoyed them both being here.

And the neurosurgeon came in too and removed the drain from his head. He said that if Kevin doesn't build up with fluid, we can go home tomorrow! So far so good, but morning is hours away yet and who knows what can happen overnight.

And now I am going to sign off early, but I am going to leave you with some photos of Kevin from today:

Oh...and to anon...yes - we did get the package of Airborne goodies! Kevin opened it yesterday and immediately put on one of the shirts. His jaw just dropped when he got the box and saw the hat, then the shirts and the buttons. Thank you so much, Butch!

Ok, I am going to head home and pick up the house a little bit, then watch a movie and go to bed early.


karen said...

Kevin's starting to look pretty handsome! I am imagining a haircut that follows that scarline eventually ... that would be pretty styling.

Still thinking of you all and the recovery. And that baby. how's that baby coming along?!

Judy B said...

Leslie, He looks fabulous and happy!!! Hope the rest of the recovery goes well.

Miss Em said...

Hello Leslie and Kevin,

Kevin, you look soooooo good. I am doing my happy dance for you.

Leslie, fingers crossed on going home.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Kevin was feeling better! He looks so happy! Loved the 2nd picture! :)
Wow- can you believe he might be able to go home already!
We continue to pray for all of you.
Take care,
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

Kevin's smile, so beautiful! I'm overwhelmed by Kevin's optimism and his courageous spirit. He truly is a Warrior.
Hugs to you both!
Janet :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kevin, you look absolutely wonderful. Keep smiling Buddy.
Leslie, I am amazed at how good he looks and he just had surgery a few days ago. How wonderful that he was able to say a complete sentence on his own. I really believe that one day he is going to be talking just like he used to. I can still hear him telling me to "chill":) As always you all are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey looking great there sunshine never leave my thoughts and prayers Love allways Ron Ritzert