Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 799 - Aug 6, 2010

Today Kevin and I went to the VA hospital here in SA to meet some of the heads of the polytrauma center. They are in the process of building a new state of the art facility and we wanted to get together and discuss some of the problems that we had at the VA hospital in FL so that they can try to make sure those things don't happen here. I also wanted them to meet Kevin because reading about him could never clearly give the picture of how far he has come.

We had a really good meeting. I wish I could just go blindly forth and feel secure at a VA hospital, but unfortunately I can't. I don't feel it's any one person's fault, but the experience in FL and the constant red tape just holds me back a bit.

However, I am open minded and I am willing to give it a chance. I really do like the people that I met today and I am excited to tell you that some things happened right on the spot. For example - a new wheelchair was ordered for Kevin. The one he has currently really doesn't work for him anymore as his body shape and size has changed. They also ordered us two cushions for his wheelchair as the one he has now has been flat for over a year. It wouldn't stay inflated due to multiple leaks. And I am excited to say that they are planning to put a one-handed brake on the new chair as opposed to him having to reach across and struggle a bit to get the right brake on. They also spent some time teaching me how to repair parts of his chair. I have been doing simple tasks, but needed more guidance and they supplied it today.

So I am REALLY behind in answering questions, but I am only going to get to a few today. This post is already long, but I need to get started on this.

Ida - you asked if that was a Toe-Off brace on Kevin's right leg? Hehe. I had no idea, but I googled it and and yes - that's exactly what it is. He can't (or shouldn't anyway) walk without it as his foot turns in and under. I left a post on your blog about how happy I am that things are getting better for you! Yay!

Miss Em - thanks first for the shopping cart link. I got one and it has helped immensely!

Mary Neal - it's possible that some of Kevin's pain is from his teeth, but there's no way to really know. I am anxious (and so hopeful) to see if the bulk of the pain goes away once the plate is in. Gosh I hope so. I will mention that the reason some of his pain went away wasn't because he started seeing the dentist - it was because I added another dose of methadone to his daily cocktail.

Tina and the anon person - got the iBallz in the mail today. Wonderful gadget, huh? Kev is in his room playing on his iPad right now. He LOVES that thing!

Ok - I know there are tons more questions, but this is a pretty long post. I will try to get to the rest over the weekend.


Jessica said...

That's so cool that Kevin is getting a new wheelchair. I hope it makes his life a little easier. I'm also glad to see that Kevin has finally given in and is doing the workbooks. I think it will really pay off. Good for you, Kevin!

I think you're the perfect person to advise the VA on what things need changing. You're very articulate and obviously know what's needed and what needs to be changed.

I'll be thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers! Take care.

Long-time RN said...

A new wheelchair, fantastic!

Surely your input to the VA is valuable and hopefully utilized. It's good to read that opinions are actively sought from people who have been in the 'system' for as long as you and Kevin have been.

Great reading that Kevin is enjoying the iPad!