Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 693 - Apr 22, 2010

We had an exceptionally lazy day today. We did nothing. We went nowhere and had a simple dinner of egg salad sandwiches. It was just gray and overcast out there (couldn't even see one meteor last night, bummer!) and it really affected our moods. It's ok though, we all need a slow day sometimes.

On this note, I am just going to go watch some tv. I know I have been writing less and less, but there really isn't a whole lot to say right now.

Before I go though, Jessica - I am very sorry to hear about your grandad passing away. My thoughts are with you!


Anonymous said...

my heart and prayers go out to you and your Family. I've known Breezy for a while and I love her dearly. I remember picking Kevin up the day he wrecked her car in East Brady. He was shaken and so scared of what Breezy might do to him since it was her car. He was afraid what his mom might say since it was his sisters car. He justed wanted to go home. I wish I could reach out to him now like I did then. Just to be able to help him. God Bless you all!

Paul Pomeroy said...

came across this and immediately thought of you, Leslie ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

OK.....I went to the movie last night, "How to train your dragon".....very cute. It was in 3D. Fun. But I kept thinking of you and the previews, there is a new TOY STORY 3 coming out. Did you know that??? It looks great, (like the others) and I can hardly wait to see it. There were only about 5 other people in the theatre on a Thursday evening,...just wondering if Kevin could enjoy a movie if there were only a few people there.
Anyway, you guys are always in my thoughts!
Hope today is a good day!

Barbara Burke said...

Leslie, as a paramedic I respond to many, many "lift assist" calls. If that elevator breaks again, you can call 911 and tell them that you have a wheelchair-bound burn/TBI patient who is unable to access his apartment due to a broken elevator. Tell them that he cannot be exposed to the heat/cold outdoors for long because it will damage his skin grafts, or cause problems with his TBI, and that you need the fire department to assist in lifting him up the stairs to his home before he gets sick. In California this request for service can't be denied or delayed. Good luck.

tom said...


Would be interested in hearing your opinoin of this bill Would hope that it might make life a little easier for you and others in your position.