Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 677 - Apr 6, 2010

Kevin did better for the most part today, although we did have a bout where he was in extreme pain. We are really playing with his meds though as he is just on way too many. We are at the point now where we are just battling side effects with more meds and that doesn't really work for me (or him I would bet).

We had gotten away from needing many breakthrough pain pills over the last few days too, but we were back to it today. It got better once we gave him an allergy pill that we removed yesterday - seems like that might be a problem.

And tonight Kevin came over to the FH for a couple of hours. Not until 9pm though and only then because I didn't do laundry last night (went to apt instead) and he needed clean clothes. So we came over for a bit and watched some TV. At least I got him out of the hospital. They are discussing discharging him sometime in the middle of next week. We'll see though - he's gotta be a little more stable than he is right now first.

Before I forget - I updated our address at the side of the page. This will be our address for roughly the next year.

And to end tonight's post - today...I got my braces off! Seventeen (yes - 17!!!) months later than they were supposed to be removed. I just could never get to the orthodontist to get them tightened and stuff so I went to one here and just had him remove them. I admit that they should have gotten tightened a few more times and then removed, but what if Kevin is home-bound? I will not be able to leave the house if that's the case. Nope. I just had them taken off.

Aaahhh...what a wonderful smooth feeling...and now I won't get caught eating popcorn...or chewing gum...or eating pizza crust...or biting into an apple...or even red licorice...


Kris said...

Hi guys!

So glad that Kevin seems to be stabilizing a bit more than last week. And continued luck changing/reducing meds - such a painstaking process!

YAY getting your braces off!! it must feel GREAT!!

God bless you all, and know that thoughts, prayers, support and loads of angel hugs come your way every single day.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

sherri said...

Remember when I got my braces off many years ago. What a good feeling! Are you happy with the result?

Glad to hear that Kevin is doing some better.

Love, Sherri

karen said...

Glad your son is getting better.

In the news of things you can eat now without braces ... I made my first batch of kettle corn the other week and it was ... fantastic!!! and really easy.

here's a link (hope you don't mind a link -- it isn't mine so ...) to the recipe I used, if you are into this kind of stuff:


I used grapeseed oil but I'm sure any veg oil will work fine.

I hope you don't get too shut in ... fingers crossed.

joyce said...

did they give you a retainer to wear at night? this is important to hold what you have until your teeth are used to being without your braces. I used to work for an orthodontist. Surely, they make lightweight ones now. (like for teeth grinding)