Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 458 - Aug 30, 2009

Today was a better day. We all just kinda relaxed and Kevin and I did a Walmart run because the game he bought can't just be played without the internet? I'm not sure if that's right, but that's what I am gathering.

We also swam a little and then cooked out and this evening the three of us just sat outside and talked for over an hour - something very unusual for Kevin.

I got a call from the doctor today too and Kevin does NOT have the swine flu - thank goodness! He has been feeling better since we increased his nausea medication though. I think he was just building a tolerance for it and it wasn't working as well anymore.

And Hallie - no, I didn't hear anything about the CT Scan.

To answer some more of the questions -

Holee - I agree that Kevin needs a companion. It's just figuring out how to find one. I mentioned recently that Chris (the Marine's mom) already tried to find one via the VFW and those types of places with no success. There just aren't any 'young' members. I am thinking about running an ad in the paper, but worry about the crazies that come out. I don't plan on doing anything until we come back from Texas as we are leaving in less than three weeks, so that gives me some time to figure out a plan. And Miss Em - I know you gave some suggestions and I will check those out too.

Patricia - I am sorry that your friend suffered from a TBI. I figured someone close to you had gone through some of the things we are. Best of luck to him/her.

I also want to thank those that sent suggestions on topics for discussion in DC. I have kept the emails (the comments here are emailed to me individually) and will refer to them on the flight to just remind me of the things that y'all mentioned.

Becky (Wayne's mom) - I have never been able to understand how Kevin knows some things, but not others. I guess it's just part of brain injury. He still doesn't know simple things - I have tried to teach him many times that the round things he eats off of are called plates, but he's just not getting it. Yet he does know how many pills he takes, what they all look like and what time he needs to take them. It's so strange, huh?

Miss Em and Long-time RN - I do agree that something needs done in case Kevin leaves again. Believe it or not, I already do have an alarm on his door, but it didn't work. And I didn't want to keep his door locked in case of fire, but it's locked now and the key is hidden. He will just have to be like everyone else and not have an exit from his bedroom.

I was trying to hold off on the 'real' alarm system until our finances were better, but I guess it's going to have to be done now. (the current alarms were just generic to pass safety code for the pool). It's on my list of calls for tomorrow.

And I have heard of the GPS type of chip being inserted in children and it's something I have to think about. That is not something I can do lightly for so many reasons. It's on my list of things to research. Man...I need an


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are taking immediate care of Kevin's escape routes. Nothing is ever dull, is it?

I was curious about the Project Victory Trial. Anything new on that?

Also, for your DC conference, maybe take a photo along of Kevin and include your web site address? I was thinking that the more folks who know about your specific situation, the more help you might get. It couldn't hurt.

Here is hoping for a peaceful day today!

Cathy M

Linda said...

I agree with Cathy M on taking a picture of Kevin along to the conference and the address of your blog. Let them read of the everyday things you and Breezy go thru, if they would take the time to do it!! This is something not every parent would do. Anything to get the help you and all those other parents need to cope every day. Financially, physically, and mentally! I wish you the best of luck getting the message across to these people in government! YOU all deserve that and SO much more!

Dominique said...

I have been following your family's life now since the summer. I am amazed at the spirit you all have. You are most definitely America's finest.

As to finding a companion for Kevin, have you ever consider online. I am a disabled vet and I don't do well in new situation. Social networks have been a life saver for me helping me to feel connected to other people while also giving me a purpose. Stumble Upon is one of my favorite social networks but I also use Facebook.

Anyway, it was just an idea.

God bless you all.