Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 456 - Aug 28, 2009

We had a pretty good day today. We did have a little spurt where Kevin's head was really hurting and I did end up taking him over to the hospital for a CT Scan, but I didn't hear anything so I am going to assume (none too safely) that all is well. I will call them on Monday as I really have to believe that they would have called if there was a problem.

I spent the morning (and the evening) laying down patio tiles and rock around the pool pump and air conditioners. I was so tired of stepping in 4 inches of mud and sand every day (Can you imagine? Those of you that know me personally know how prissy I am about getting dirty, lol). So I finally bit the bullet and got the bulk of it done today. I do have to finish it tomorrow as I ran out of rock and it appears that another trip to Lowes is in order. My mom and dad gave me a hand this evening and we also got a little tool shed built that I got to store all of the pool stuff in. It has been just laying all over the place out there and when it storms (every single day) it blows around and sometimes ends up in the pool. Kevin gets really upset when it gets into the pool so this is a definite cure-all.

Tomorrow I really need to sit down and get some paperwork done. Kevin's discharge process has finally been started and I have a pile of forms to fill out. It's going to take hours, but I need to just do it.

And now I am heading to bed. Real quick though - Mary Jo - Kevin was really happy to get your phone call today. Sorry I couldn't talk right then but we were at the store. You made his day though!

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Jessica said...

Kevin looks great on the bike! Too funny that he already wanted to race you. I think it would be a great goal for him to ride in one of those Wounded Warrior rides in the future!

I don't envy you laying all that tile and rock, especially in the FL humidity. Ugh.

Thank God the process has been started for Kevin's discharge. That is definitely good news. I hope his head is feeling better today and that the tests show everything is fine. You're all in my thoughts and prayers!