Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 455 - Aug 27, 2009

I can't even begin to tell you how excited Kevin was today while at the bike shop. The owner took him outside and put him on a trike and Kevin just went nuts! I haven't seen him this happy in a long time. Here are some photos:

So now we start the paperwork for the VA to purchase one for him and I can only hope that it happens quickly. He is so pumped!

Oh - and Jan? The daredevil side already made an appearance - he wanted to race today as I was on one too riding beside him for a while. And believe it or not - these bikes aren't actually for the handicap per se. They are just for anyone that prefers a more comfortable, safe ride.

And I might have told you guys in July that I bought Kevin a one-handed controller for his XBox for his birthday. We couldn't get it to work until tonight. He needed a wired controller and all of his were wireless, so my niece's boyfriend swapped him controllers and then came over and got it working for us. Kevin was so happy! And because all of his games were stolen, he and Breezy just got back from a Walmart run to purchase HALO 3. He already wants the internet hooked up to his XBox, but I did tell him he had to become more proficient in using the controller first. Once that happens (I doubt it will take long), he will be able to reconnect with his online friends. I can only hope that this - above all else - will bring his determination to talk and to interact with others out.

On the Breezy front, her job interview ended up being a waste of time. I really don't understand why people have you drive to their place of business if they aren't even hiring. It's just so darn frustrating! But I guess she is just gonna have to keep looking. I'm sure there is something out there for her...


Alison said...

Kevin looks SO HAPPY! And that bike is AWESOME. I really hope the VA and the funds come through soon, because that is going to be such a boost for Kevin - both physically from getting such a workout, and mentally from being able to do his own thing and raise a little heck while doing it. ;)

I hope the Xbox works out and that Kevin is able to reconnect with people and friends soon. In such a media, online oriented generation (which I admit to, being near Kevin's age - your whole WORLD can be online sometimes) that's really going to be an important tool, I think.

Sending good thoughts for Breezy's job situation as well. She'll find something soon!

Anonymous said...

a semi disabled friend of mine recently purchased a bike like this and has made super progress, Good Luck!!! I hope you and Kevin have the same success,, ps, we enjoy your blog, keep up the good work :)
Mom of Army kids

Jan said...

What is it with guys and Halo? Why can't they be like us and enjoy sunshine and puppies and rainbows?

Why can't we all sit around our livingrooms with the men in our lives and pop "My Little Pony Picks Wildflowers" into the X-Box?


Anonymous said...

MY LITTLE PONIES!!!..come on, get really crazy and go for CARE BEARS:)!! I need one of those bikes..looks like something I could actually ride without doing too much harm to myself. Seriously I hope this and the xbox thing works out for Kevin. What a hill he is climbing in his life! I wish I could fix it all for him. We continue to pray for all three of you and will pray extra hard for Breezy's job situation. Stay strong and keep the faith..good luck in Washington, speak boldly, they need to hear what really goes on.
Melissa Ion

Miss Em said...


I have followed Major 'Z' who is blog master for "From my position...On the way" for sometime now. He attends one of the 'Ride for Wounded Warriors' every year on a similar Trike. It's been reported that he is considered on of the more daring dare-devils because he likes taking most corner/curves on two-wheels. (Every time I find myself thinking, "Well what do you expect from a Tank Commander?")
*'The Ride' usually last for a week-end and consist of (I think) 50 miles (but you do what you can).
*'The Ride' is sponsered (I believe) by Soldiers Angels and the Wounded Warriors Project.
*There are lots of Warriors who have different types of injuries who are on bikes and trikes. There are also lots of supporters also. In fact they have had a police escort at the rear for extra safety. There have been several 'Doc'/Medics in the group and as an extra precaustion there is usually an ambluance follow them too.
*If you need more infor go to "" and drop him an e-mail. I'm sure he would be happy to give you all the info on 'The Ride'.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Anonymous said...

So So cool Kevin. I am so happy about the bike. We are going biking when I come back down. LOL love you Leslie but you'll have to keep up with us. Did they say how long it will take to process the request from the army?? it better be quick, this will be wonderful therapy for him. Soooooooooooo exciting. And the Wii finally something he likes to do and will be able. I can't think of how frustrating it is for him to not be able to do the things he likes. Love you guys lots. Oh and Breezy don't give up on the job, something will come up.
Tracy A. Jack

armyparents said...

A picture is worth a thousand words. He looks wonderful!!!!

Miss Em said...

Hi Leslie,

The comment this morning was to let you know that there are things that Kevin can work toward getting ready as in a "Mission".
They use "The Rides" to help raise money for things for Soldier's Angels and Wounded Warriors. If you think Kevin could get ready for this[usually held in the spring] then I would gladly be a monitary donator to Kevin's "Ride".
I just remembered they also ride in Teams so Kevin would not be doing this alone. Maybe a male friend or two from the hometown, a fellow soldier that Kevin was friends with, you or Breezy, a relative that has joined you.
Just think about it and be sure to e-mail the Major because he can tell you more about all the ins & outs than I have.

"Kevin just went nuts" ...
Of course he did because he realized that this was something that HE COULD DO especially after he got to sit in/on one of those trikes. My fingers are crossed on the time frame so it can be quick.

I'm no good at the games that Kevin and Breezy play but I do hope that the controller will make it work better for Kevin. Glad someone knew how to hook it up for Kevin.
Fantastic on Kevin wanting to get the internet hooked up so he can get in touch with his friends. That should also help with the depression. When one feels totally alone with NO one[in his mind] who cares or wants to be around him then the level of blackness/blueness grows uncontrollable which can show up as spitefull anger and nasty mean-ness.

To Breezy:

I can not tell you how many times I have gone on job interviews in the last 40 years and not get the job. Expecially now that I have my own business. Each interview is a new job for the business and that's been a steady yes/no happening for the last 25 years.
Always look your best and be business like. Try to research the business and get a really good idea on how you can be of value to the business and add value to the business and be sure to say so in the interview.
I know you may have heard this before but believe me what they see when you walk thru the door is being judged and when/what you speak of should be the icing on your cake and hopefully a green flag for that job. All of this is a make or break for the job.
Because of the economy, it's not going to be easy but it won't be impossible.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

I have happy tears in my eyes seeing the pics of Kevin on the recumbent... I don't comment often but please know y'all are in my thoughts and prayers every day... when the time is right we'll take that ride...and we're checking out some smooth paved rides nearer to you in Riverview-blessings, dear Leslie, always..

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful and loving mother and Your children are Blessed.

Kevin is blessed.

You are a blessing!