Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 429 - Aug 1, 2009

We had such a great day today!! We talked Kevin into actually going to the beach again. I knew he wasn't going to allow the special wheelchair, but I figured he is walking so much better that he just might be able to do it. So we all loaded up in the cars and took off to Fort De Soto in St Pete. It's a park so it's less populated and the beaches are very nice there.

He did so well. So much better than I ever thought he would. Here are some photos:

The first is Kevin and Tracy walking toward the ocean.

This next one is Kevin just lounging on a beach chair. He so enjoyed just laying there and it was such a pleasure to watch his face look so content.

And this last one is of Kevin, Jody (Tracy's husband), Jessi (their son) and Jessi's friend Mike.

He just looks so happy doesn't he? The guys actually went way out and Kevin tried to swim some. He did go under a couple times (purposely) and it made me feel so happy to see him enjoy himself so much.

After that we came home and had some dinner and then we all sat outside around the pool that still has no water in it and we just all talked and carried on.

And apparently Kevin promised Tracy that he would play Yahtzee with her so we did that to end out our day. We used to play this months ago and Kevin did understand the bulk of it, but now he understands it completely.

And unfortunately Kevin learned a new word today. Let me rephrase - he didn't learn it, he just shouted it out. He was coming down the stairs and he must have banged his leg or something because he just said the "F" word as loud as he possibly could. You could tell it was just a reflex and I think we all just stood there stunned.

I honestly just don't get how something like that just pops out and yet we have been working on him saying KEVIN for over 10 hours now to no avail (over a period of 2 months). It just makes no sense.

Oh well, I guess I'll celebrate any words he wants to say. He seems to have had some sort of break-through while we have been in PA and us now having company. He is trying to talk more and I can only assume it's because there are more people around than just me.

Whatever. I'll take it!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful day. Kevin sure looks like he enjoyed himself. He sure has come a long way . ALOT of that is because of your dedication. Breezy also deserves alot of credit also. Keep up the great work. My thoughts and prayers will also br with all three of you. When will you be getting ypur pool filled? Kevin probably can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Glad to hear Kevin had a great day...I hope he knows what an encouragement he is to everyone!!!

Keep going strong...focus on the positive, as you always do!!!!

Our prayers and thoughts are with you every day...


P.S. Travis loved his time with you...he says "hello"...and he probably wants to eat your salad,!

Lisa D in Ca. said...

Leslie...these photos are AWESOME! That photo of him in the water just being a!

He does look happy...and SO strong. I am SO glad that you had a wonderful day, Lord knows you deserve it!!

As for the new word...I'm sorry but I totally had to laugh out loud at that one.

I remember when my nephew was out of the hospital we would laugh that we would be the happiest people in the world if he blurted out "give me some f-ing cookies!" no matter who heard him say it, because it would mean he was talking and eating!

I say every second of progress is worth celebrating...way to go Kevin!

Jodi said...

Glad you all had a great day! Thank you so much for the pictures! They put a huge smile on my face. Kevin looks great and happy. I am glad you all had a day of fun and relaxation. You deserve it.

Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Grant Grdunac said...

wow that was a great post! it made actually laugh put loud

sophie said...

To see Kevin so relaxed and happy made my day! Still smiling about the "new" found word!

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing about the word. Kevin looks like he is having such a nice time and I could hear the smile and happiness in your words honey. Good for you. Take care Love ya bunches. Pam

Patricia said...

Great photos and, what a wonderful day for you! Very glad to see you at the ocean.

I will be dating myself, which is fine, but as for the word, the miracle is not only that he blurted it out, but that, according to the comedian George Carlin, he said a word that can be used in six of the parts of speech used in a sentence! Of course, his way was an interjection....but still!!! Hey, whatever works! It was appropriately used. Ok...sorry I just can't stop laughing...

Much love, more hugs and many prayers...Always...

Anonymous said...

Kevin looks really good. I hadn't checked your blog in some time and wow does he look good. He sure looks like he had fun at the beach. The rediscovered word is pretty funny..if anyone has a right to use that word, he sure does. Good man can work on the mixed company manners later. ; )

Sean N

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! Who would have thought it six months ago? Wish I could have been there on that beach with you guys. Ahhhhh, I love the beach.

I found an interactive learning web site that looks like fun. I was wondring if Kevin could do some of the games. I will give you the general search. It is Therapy Materials and it is created by Judith Kuster. Her site pops up as number one when I searched this way. Anyway, look for her name (so you have the right site)and click. All kinds of fun stuff on there.


Cathy M

Anonymous said...

That ocean doesn't look anything like Crooked Creek Dam beach by my house :) . . .I checked your blog early this morning and laughed out loud myself at Kevin's new word. He DID use it appropriately, which is good.

Kevin looks like he was having such a good time and he actually looks like his health has improved even since the ceremony. The power of family and friends being there when you need them the most. You're probably right; he probably gets tired of the same old routine - up, to therapy, back home, to here and there. We all know that 20-something young men RUN constantly - their world changes minute by minute (or at least my sons do). Boredom, no matter what you have to entertain yourself, makes us all slow down and get in a rut. This is the "push" Kevin needs to improve. i'm taking bets he "discovers" some other "new" words soon.

Take care Leslie!
Always thinking of you guys,

Anonymous said...

Jessica said...

Now, this is a major improvement over Kevin's first visit to the beach! So glad to see him enjoying himself and goofing around with his buddies. Even more amazing is that he understands Yahtzee. I just think that is so promising, as is the fact that he's more motivated now to learn more words.

Thanks for sharing the photos! Seeing Kevin smiling always makes me smile. Take care. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Paul Pomeroy said...

Thought you might want to know that Kevin's ability to come up with the F-word but not say other things like his own name has an explanation. Swear words, along with other vocalizations like crying, sobbing, laughing, moaning, ... are controlled by a different part of the brain than normal speech. Where language is primarily a function of the cerebral cortex in the left hemisphere, swearing originates in the brain stem and limbic systems, areas heavily involved in our emotional response to the world. If you're interested in the topic, you might take a look at "The Language Instinct," a book by Steven Pinker.

Anonymous said...

Oh F***!!! That's just funny! I don't care who ya are....that's just funny! LOL!
Barbara B. :-D