Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 440 - Aug 12, 2009

Kevin was up again all night last night. He finally fell asleep sometime after 7am so I ended up having to cancel the first therapy appt of the day. He was also in a lot of pain today and from what I am gathering, it was a strange kind of pain in his head. We had just put him on a new anti-seizure medication and something for ADD and he feels so strongly that those two new pills are what was causing the new pain and now he is refusing to take either of them. I tried to get a hold of the doctor today, but was unsuccessful. I will just have to try again tomorrow, I guess.

Other than that we had company all day. My family was here helping me try to get through more of these boxes. We were able to get the office mostly done and a lot of boxes are now empty. I would safely say that I am maybe halfway through? I wish I could tell you that a certain room is done, but I keep finding things in boxes that are labeled totally different. We found yet another styrofoam container of 15 month old moldy french fries in a master bedroom box along with good food, Kevin's shoes, scrap supplies and tupperware. So organized, huh? No wonder I have always packed myself!

And Kevin learned a new word today. "Shoe". This therapist is using flash cards and although I think it's great that Kevin is learning new words, I really wish they were useful words. (Like help, soda, cold, hot, etc.) Oh well, again - I'll take what I can I guess.

And now I am so off to bed. I am just exhausted tonight...


Miss Em said...


Flash cards???

Ok. Scrap person. Here's a job for you and Breezy and maybe anyone else you can get to use a pair of scissors. Now out of magazines, books, or anywhere else you can find them; cut out pictures of the thing you want Kevin to try to re-learn also.

1] a picture of a can of coke or a bottle of pepsi -- soda -- [taped to a refrigerator for cold soda]
2] a picture of some one wrapped up in a coat with snow on the ground -- cold -- [or even a picture of a glass of ice]
3] a picture of someon sitting in front of a fan -- hot -- [or one of a bbq grill with steaks on it]
4] a picture of a nurse --hospital -- [or an ambulance with a large red cross on it]
5] a picture of a burning building -- fireman -- [or a grass fire]

I think you get the idea. If flash cards are working for the theropist then why not continue the process at home.
H&ll, tape some of them in locations around the house so he can take you to them if he can't say the word yet. Anything to help get the word recognized with the object.

Hope I was able to give you an idea or two.
If it works GREAT.
If it doesn't, then its back to brain storming and another bottle of asprins.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Janna said...

First of all (((hugs))) to all three of you. Even though there have been rough spots, you are settling into your new home, enjoying the pool and restarting life in this new way. There will be both good and bad....duh, I know : )
As far as words go, I dont see why you dont tell whomever is doing the repetition work which words you want him to recognize. Priorities....YOURS AND HIS not theirs! It makes no sense to have them pick what he is familiar with...give them your list and have them work from there.
Will be sending a card and another copy of "The Shack" can always give it away if you find the first one. It is sooo worth the time.
As always, you are all in my prayers,

Vicki C said...

Geezzz.. poor Kevin. Hope the headaches go away! Darn
Unpacking.. ick. You have got to be pooped. I cant belive the crap you are finding that they actually Packed? fries? Good greif! You poor thing. Hope you are through this moving thing..soon!

Jessica said...

That's a shame Kevin's in so pain. I hope you were able to get a hold of his doctors today and get some answers. Easier said than done, right?

Glad you have your family to help unpack. Not a fun job! Especially when there's old moldy food, ewww.

Pretty cool that Kevin is enjoying cleaning! It gives him a sense of accomplishment and you one less thing to do. I hope he continues to learn more words with his therapist and the flash cards.

Take care. You're all in my thoughts and prayers.