Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 431 - Aug 3, 2009

Yay! Our things arrived from PA and all three of us are so excited! You should have seen how excited Kevin was when he spied his fishing tackle box. And when he caught sight of his totes from Afghanistan and Germany - he about went through the roof!

It was really like Christmas for all of us. We have a LONG way to go to get everything unpacked, but each box reminds us of things from the past. It was just so neat opening everything, but it was also so tiring. It is really going to take quite a while to get all of this finished, but we will be here for over a month yet so we have the time.

And today we are finally filling the pool. There have been quite a few phone calls from me to the pool company because it was supposed to be done over a month ago and I kept getting told it would be done by this date and then that date and so on and so forth. I was so frustrated because I kept getting Kevin excited only to have to let him down again.

I hated to say anything as the pool guy drastically reduced the price because he called all of the vendors and got parts either free or at a major price break, but still...Kevin was getting so upset each time they told us it would be done and it wasn't.

BUT - it is finally being filled. It should be done by tomorrow afternoon and Kevin was already in it today. Here is evidence, lol:

He was just so excited!

And did you notice the palm tree leaning on our neighbor's fence? Yeah. I was pretty upset about that when we came home from PA. I had called the company a couple times before we left to have it tightened down before it was even near their fence, but my requests were ignored. It was so frustrating to have to meet the neighbor because our tree was on their fence. They were cool with it though. Lucky us.

Ok. Off to relax for a little bit before hitting my bed.


Lisa D in Ca said...

I'm so excited for you guys to have your things. I can't imagine how good it will feel for all of you to be able to start making the house your home. It is awesome to hear how happy Kevin is to see his old things!

Anonymous said...

That pool will be one of Kevins greatest thearpies. That is one of the things that helped my knee replacement the best. I am so glad for him. He certainly DESERVES everything in his life that it good as do you and Breezie honey. Love ya bunches. Pam

Patricia said...

Oh! I am thrilled for you all. To be able to put down those all important roots...and to have "home". Your personal treasure to make that house become your home, si truly a well deserved and long awaited gift.

The pool looks amazing, and as everyone has said, it will be the therapy needed for Kevin, but for you and Brianna, as well.

The smiles tell it all.

Love. Hugs. Prayers.

Anonymous said...

hi leslie
i am confused about one issue
is kevin only getting disablity pay or is he getting his corp. pay and disablity pay ???
if he is getting his corp. pay he can do anything he wants with this money if he wants to give it to you so be it. no one can stop it.
keeping you and kevin and brezzy in our prayers.
just remember that we our here for only a little while and then we will be gone.
so remember that jesus died for all of us so that we could live for eternity with him.
i know that you don't believe this but he did. look at kevin if you dont think so.
love you

Jodi said...

Happy Days! You got your stuff and the pool is almost ready. I am so glad things are going well. Thank you so much for the pictures. I love them all!!!

Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Miss Em said...

Hu-RAY! Christmas in August.

I know that it's all your stuff but the fun is find what is in what box.
I'm just glad that it's not me un-packing. I hate to pack and hate even more the un-packing and trying to find all of the empty spots to put everything.

"caught sight of his totes from the 'Stan' and Germany-he about went through the roof"....Maybe you can get him to tell you the names of some of those things. Never know what some of them triger.
Just like when he said the "F" word. You did NOT know that he remember it so when he hurt himself THERE. IT. WAS. And of course, NO one was expecting it.
Go for it!! What have you got to lose?

Hey how do you fill a pool the size you have in less than ONE hour?
The Fire Department.
I don't know if they charge for that service but, they would have filled that pool .
Kevin would have had a blast with the fire men there especially if one or two were Reserve Soldiers.
When we have to empty the Condo Assoc.'s pool to have it worked on we contact the Austell Fire Department to have them re-fill it for us. Our pool is nealy 3 times the size of yours and it only takes a little over an hour.
So, make certain you got their number handi for the future.

Take pictures and inform the People in charge of the tree that if there is any damage to the fence because of their failure to give the Palm tree the correct support as you requested then they will have to pay for the repairs.
I KNOW that you've probably already did this so ignore it...but if not...then heres the heads up.

Don't let that meet with the neighbors die. It may be the beginings of a GOOD thing. Besides you maybe able to get them to watch the house when all three of you are gone out of town.
Good Neighbors are hard to find as you well know.

Have fun with the pool.
Hope you can get Kevin to come out Once. in. awhile. ;-)