Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 439 - Aug 11, 2009

We got company today - YAY!! If you remember from when we went home the first time, there was a little boy that means the world to me - Levi - well, he actually came today to stay for a week. We are all going to have so much fun (I hope anyway). Kevin actually has been showing Levi all around his house and showing him all of his things. He even has a bunch of clothes that don't fit and wanted to give them to Levi. It was cute because Levi is only 10 and nowhere near Kevin's size, but Kevin didn't understand that and I didn't point it out.

Other than that, we didn't really do anything today. I have been putting furniture back together that the moving company took apart (good thing I'm handy with tools, huh?) and I am still unpacking box after box after box. I swear it's never going to end.

Kevin didn't have any therapy today so it was basically a day off for him. One thing he did do today though was clean for hours. And I mean hours. As I have been unpacking, he has been organizing things and putting things where they go. He even continued when I went to the airport to pick up Levi and I came home to find the kitchen being amazingly clean. I told him "thank you" and how proud I was of him and he was just beaming.

And now I am off to grab a snack. Breezy just made a pop-tart and it smells so good...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great day! I'm glad Kevin was cleaning and organizing. It probably was good therapy for him- to take his mind off things and to just help you and Breezy.
Levi might just be what Kevin needs. A little helper and friend to spend time with all of you!
Hopefully the furniture comes together easily. I still can't believe what's been said about how they pack food items and the works with your other items. If they are told to "pack it all" I would think they could at least pack all the food that will rot alone. Geez!
Take care and have fun with Levi!
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

so cool that Kevin was cleaning! awesome.


Miss Em said...

Hello Leslie

First to Kathy in IA....

You expect the moving people to think....


Sorry. I just couldn't help myself. [snicker, snicker]
Leslie you said that Kevin was cleaning for hours??


One of my Marine books states it as.........
"The art of cleaning sections of either living quarters, personal spaces or recreational areas to the point that food can be eaten off each and every surface. Time restrictions are usually never imposed. The art of such commences usually on Thursdays after a Platoon's return from the bush or after training has ceased, ending only after a thorough inspetion."

Maybe what Kevin was doing was a "Field Day". When you looked at it, it was as if the Sargent was inspecting it. When you said job well done, it was as if the Sargent was giving praise for his efforts. That's why his chest puffed out and that GREAT BIG smile was on his face. Praise would have been the pay off along with maybe 'Liberty'.

Maybe by letting Kevin know that today is a "Field Day" [on one of his days off from theropy] then His reaction should[maybe] let you know if he remembers what it is.[most react as if they would rather be doing anything else.] You know Kevin's "Don't want to." reactions best.
*If later he just starts to do it then that should tell you something else--maybe that he knows what it is [but not its name] and that it still needs to be done.
*Suggestion: that this be done on the same day each time that way he "MAY BE ABLE" to get into a routine of doing it. You are the best judge of any of this so I leave it to your discretion.

I was sorry to read that the drawings would not be possible. *Maybe using a box of crayons and have Kevin start making lines with a color and repeating its name each time might[??] help with remembering the color. If nothing else it is one way to have an ongoing association session.
*You or Breezy might have to sit next to him with the same color and show him how it's done. If I'm thinking right, it's going to take more than one time. Hey you might even get to draw circles and other shapes all using the same color he is. He might surprise you by being able to recognize the shape if not the color. Might work---maybe???
*I keep thinking that there has got to be a way to build new memory in the right-side of the brain along with boosting what is left on the left-side of the "Brain Housing". I'm not medically trained but I have heard and read about the brain doing things that it was no longer suppose to do because someone worked hard enough to build NEW path-ways.

I got the feeling that there are many of us out here in the e-net that feel the same way. We just don't KNOW when to say quit, stop or enough already because we won't give up on Kevin, Breezy or YOU.

As for the clothes and Levi....Levi understands a lot more than you might think. Take him aside and let him know that when he has questions about Kevin to be sure to come and ask. Levi will then be a better friend to Kevin than a lot of people will expect. The young are better at adapting than some of us OLD folks are.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.