Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 430 - Aug 2, 2009

Today was a good day. We had everyone down for dinner - there were 15 of us total and we had stuffed turkey with all the trimmings.

Other than that, we didn't really do anything. We did get almost all of the pictures hung - actually Tracy and Jody got almost all of the pictures hung - and I must say we really made a HUGE dent into the things that needed done.

Unfortunately Tracy and her family needs to leave tomorrow morning so the rest is up to me and Breezy. And tomorrow they are supposedly bringing our things from PA so it's going to be a very hectic day.

Anyway, that's about it for today so I am going to sign off early.

Oh - but here is a link to the Tribune Review article that was done on Purple Hearts. It mentions Kevin:

Tribune Review


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
I don't think I've ever commented on here, but I have been following your blog since day one. You are an excellent mother and Kevin is nothing short of a hero. I enjoy reading about Kevin's progress and seeing the pictures as he heals and gets stronger.
With all of the negative "anonymous" comments you have been getting lately - I tend to wonder if it isn't from the family and/or friends of your EX..? THAT would explain alot. People who have time to past judgement on you, but not enough time to help, love, and support Kevin. TO HELL WITH THEM ALL!!! Karma has a way of kicking people in the ass....and I'd love to hear about it when it happens to them.
You stay strong and help your son fight this battle. There are alot of us praying for you, Kevin, and Breezy.
I, for one, am VERY grateful for the men and women who fight for our freedoms - THANK YOU to all of them.
Bridget (from OHIO)

Jessica said...

I am so saddened by all the "negative" comments on your blog. Keep your head up and try and stay positive! Hopefully people will move on now and quit dwelling on this, so we can all share in Kevin's progress.

Thanks for sharing all the pictures at the beach, it looks like you all had a great time!

May God Bless you and your family. Prayers of strength and healing are coming your way :-)


amy grace said...

snark/ I can't believe you wasted all that money on a stuffed turkey. Of all the extravagant dinners I can imagine. You should be subsisting on a single daily meal of cabbage soup and gruel in your financial situation. /snark

I, too, have been shocked, saddened and pissed off at all the negativity you've encountered here. Those fools are not the majority of your readership, that's obvious. Don't let 'em get you down, they'll back off, just ignore them now that you've made yourself clear.

If any of them yet lurk, I want them to know that I spent $150 I don't have on a credit card yesterday to buy shoes. Anybody wanna comment on that??

That was a nice article about Kevin/purple heart recipients.

Wish I could pitch in on the financial side; I hope you get all the help you need with that.


Anonymous said...

As for Kevin learning the "F" word....I have a funny story. When my kids were little, and we were leaving church one sunday, they decided to wait in the car for us in the parking we could finish visiting. Well, the kids....rolled down all the windows in the car, and somehow, somewhere learned the "F" word, and were greeting everyone that passed by the car with it. I was mortified.....the kids were all smiles and giddy. They had no idea what they were saying,.....its funny how kids pick up that stuff. As for Kevin,.....I hope he'll figure it out.

I love hearing of the new words he's learning. I was thrilled and went to tell my husband of his progress on RED. Slowly but surely.....he'll be speaking like a pro.



Anonymous said...

hey Leslie
does your paypal still work? I got a message that the donation I made was still unclaimed. It's my first time using paypal and I want to make sure I did it right. Have you received $50 in the last two days?