Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 728 - May 27, 2010

I have some rather exciting news to share with everyone. Y'all might want to sit down though...

It appears that...

I am going to be a grandmother!!!

(severe heart palpitations)

Yes. My darling daughter and her boyfriend, Chris, are expecting a tiny little baby on January 16, 2011.

I took a respite care day today and went to see the OB/GYN with Brianna as Chris is still active duty and couldn't be with her. I was impressed with the doctor and both her knowledge and her demeanor. And here is a pic of the ultrasound:

The baby is only about the size of a peanut, literally, but we were able to see the heartbeat, which was wicked cool.

So I admit to being shocked. And a little sad. I know that Breezy is old enough (she is nearly 26) and can handle it all, but I feel sad that I can't be there for her like I would like to be. Normally a first grandchild would be spoiled by the grandma, but my situation isn't going to allow that. It's not like I am going to have money to buy things for the little one and I sure don't have the lifestyle that is conducive to babysitting. Kevin is still way too needy to allow me time to keep the baby at all and he sure wouldn't be able to handle any crying. That part right there makes me so sad.

But, of course, I am happy for her too. Breezy is excited (now that the shock has worn off) and she and Chris are picking names and making plans. Chris will be discharging from active duty in about 3 weeks, but will be reserves for the next 3 years.

Kevin took the news really well. When we first told him he just looked really hard at Breezy for about 30 seconds and then he burst out laughing. He thought she was joking. I had to step in and explain that it wasn't a joke and he again looked deep into her eyes for almost another minute and then said 'ok', he smiled and then he just shrugged. Hopefully the plate is back in his head with no problems before the baby is born and maybe he will get back to loving babies and children. He's going to make a good uncle if we can get back to that place.

So now Miss Brianna just needs to start feeling her own symptoms. Even before I knew she was pregnant I was peeing all the stinkin' time, I have been way more emotional lately and certain female parts of mine are just killing me! I swear - if I feel her labor pains I am going to just kick her butt all over the country!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on becoming a soon-to-be-grandma!!! I'm waiting on number 5 in November and they are a joy. Praying that things are more settled with Kevin by the time the little one arrives next year.
Love, Aunt Mona

MEMA said...

Congratulations! You need this more than you can imagine.

Jodi said...

OMG!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I think you will be surprised how much you are going to be able to spoil that baby. And I remember how awesome it seemed Kevin was with that baby in FL. Hopefully he will be well enough to do the same with his niece/nephew.

Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Anonymous said...

I remember too how fond (sp?) of babies Kevin is. :)
Keeping everyone in my prayers...

Tracey from Pgh. said...

Wow! Congratulations! What a blessing he/she will be. Do your parents know yet?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Anonymous said...

congrats! thats wonderful news. ~Monica G.

Missy said...

Congratulations to the new mommy and the new grandma! Just so happy for you all. You deserve a bright spot in your life right now, more than anyone else I know. Can't wait for more updates and pictures when the little one arrives! Congrats again!

aggie said...

Congrats to all of you!! I am so excited that Brianna will be bringing a new little one into this world!
And as for being a grandma, I have no doubt that this new grandchild of yours will be given so much love. Even if you can't do all the things you want to do for Bri or the baby....the love you have in your heart will be the best thing you can give them! Passing on the lagacy of what motherhood means is what's important! And think of all those FUN scrapbooking pages can do!!!

p.s. I will call you after school lets out in a few weeks. Been swamped with grading and end of the year stuff!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new little life. Can you believe that the little peanut can have a audible heartbeat? IT truly is amazing....You just never know.....this little creation could be a miracle in Kevin's life....He did seem to really respond to the other baby recently. The plate will be in and hopefully helping the headaches and all by then.....I see only good things awaiting you guys. Thanks for sharing this fantastic news.....I'm thrilled you have somewhat of a diversion of thoughts and something marvelous to look forward to. I wonder now how Kevin would react to being able to see an ultrasound (maybe?) and hear the heartbeat himself. Could be awesome.
I'm a little grandkids for me yet....waiting.......:-)


karen said...

That's sweet! She is a great age to have her first baby ... (says a REALLY OLD mom of little kids ...)

Congratulations to you all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Wonderful news!!! With all the bad things that have been happening to you, you now have this little ray of sunshine on the way!!! Hope that this news continues with more good events and your life keeps getting better!! Lots of love from EB!!

Long-time RN said...

Well how about that!! Congratulations to your family!

armyparents said...

How very exciting. Congrats to all of you. Oh I am sure Grandma will be spoiling this child with all the love you give and I am sure Kevin will be the beaming uncle.
Sending lots of prayers your way

Valerie said...

Leslie, you will be a wonderful grandmother! You don't need money to buy things for the baby, you just need to love it and I know you can do that!

Lori said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for all of you guys. Leslie somehow some way you will find the time to spoil your grandchild. The baby does not need alot of things brought. All it needs is Love and you will have lots to give. You are a wonderful mother and Breezy will be such a wonderful Mother. This is such a good thing..A Blessing. Congratulations and Best Wishes.
Lori (Ronnie's Mom)