Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 721 - May 20, 2010

Today we just stayed home. I cooked a big dinner and Breezy came over and ate with us. Kevin even managed to stay at the table the whole time too!

Our afternoon/evening was spent with a VA Fiduciary field rep that came to our house to go over Kevin's budget. She was a very nice woman and we had a long discussion about competency. I feel good about the bulk of it, but when she asked if he watched any news to stay informed on current events I had to say "no". Truthfully, he never watched the news before either. Gotta think about this one.

I drew the line at the photo though. She was told to take a picture of Kevin and I don't know why the financial people would need a photo of him so I did not allow it. I didn't allow it in FL either. He's not some kind of freak show and I can see absolutely no reason why they would need one. Doctors? Sure. Pencil pushers? No way.

Maybe I'm way off base here, but I just can't see it...

And Kevin came over and crawled in my bed at 5am this morning. He has not been comfortable in his bed since he got the new mattress. I called the VA yesterday to see if we could get the old one back and I can only hope they do it quickly. He really has barely slept in the last week. This new mattress is very hard and he always has indentations on his back from it. Keep your fingers crossed that it's quick, please.

And Kevin just called me in his room to listen to his Zune. He has been listening to a little bit of classical music lately and he wanted me to sit and listen with him. Sometimes he will listen to it in the car too - so much better than that horrid screamo stuff, lol.

And now I want to try to finish a movie I started watching early this afternoon. Breezy and I did watch Grey's though tonight - did anyone see it? Geesh. My hurt heart.


Jan said...

The photo....could it be so they have something to refer to if they should suspect someone has, say, posed as Kevin to take money from his account?

Jodi said...

Hi Les,

The photo is probably to protect him from identity theft??? To protect him from someone taking advantage of a disabled Vet. Just a thought...

I bet the classical music was a nice change! LOL

I did watch Grey's Anatomy last night and bawled the last hour of it. Soooo did not need to see all that...

Think about all of you daily! Sending all good, positive, and healing thoughts your way.


Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Miss Em said...

Hi Leslie

???? As the person who writes the checks for Kevin, do they have YOUR photo on file ??? If not, WHY???

If the case won't be done until a pic is in the files then make certain that they get a dated before and after surgery pic[s] and VERIFY that BOTH ARE IN the files.

It is a proven fact that babies who are developing their brain patterns listening to classical music have better patterns. Kevin is always developing new patterns so classical maybe[??] helping in that way.
[It may just be able to help strengthen the old one to. Will keep my fingers crossed on that one.]

??? Suggest to Kevin to play some favorite [quiet/soothing] classical before bedtime for it may be able to quiet his mind down enough to allow him to sleep.
Hell, if nothing else put a set of headphones on him and suggest to him that if he can sleep while it's playing then his mind just needs to be in a quiet stage and you may have found it.
Good Luck on this one.

Miss Em

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, my kids are 28,29,31, and they don't really watch the news either. Their lives are busy...and only find out the necessary stuff from me! Hah.

Did not see Grey's Anatomy last night, but I'm all for a good cry.

Yay, on the classical music. I love what Miss Em said about the babies developing brain patterns. Yes, this could be good!

Ok....sending love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

As a musician, I am happy to hear Kevin listen to classical music!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if one of those foam mattress toppers would help with the hardness (if his bed replacement doesn't come through . . .) Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I just support you! Follow your heart and always listen to your gut. Laura RL

Paul Pomeroy said...

There are certain types of music that will definitely appeal more to the left side of the brain, including at least some classical.

I'm also willing to bet that music like Light Through the Veins by Jon Hopkins (from his Insides CD) will appeal to him. He might, in fact, find it to be quite calming.

Lorraine said...

I watched Greys last night and Jamie said I would be sitting up the whole time and she was right. Wow! Heres hoping you get a new mattress pretty darn quick.