Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 5 - June 5, 2008

Today was a relatively quiet day. Not much happened throughout the day at all, but I was so incredibly happy this evening.

First I will say that they had to do some work on Kev's central lines and tubes and everything and he had a rough morning. Due to this, he again became combative. Although he rarely moves his right arm at all, his left is now tied to the bed. He keeps swinging it around trying to pull his tubes out and stuff and they can't risk it. Personally, this really makes me (and his burn doc) happy. This is truly a showing of Kevin's 'fighter' personality. I still understand that Kev may never wake up - but it's getting harder for me to believe that. I sure hope I am not disappointed.

One thing I did learn tonight is that when either Breezy or I talk to Kev his heart rate goes up. I am sincerely hoping this means he can hear us. Mathew came home from school and was telling Moe about a bunch of kids painting t-shirts that have messages for Kevin. You all will love the fact that when I told Kev that story - his heart rate went from the early eighties up to 93. He always did like attention, lol.

So on to my good news - we left today at 4:30 b/c they had just sedated Kev. His burn doc told me that there is absolutely no possibility that Kev even knows we are there for a couple of hours at least after sedation. So when I went back in at 8pm - I am not shitting you guys - at least 25-30% of Kev's face/head seemed to have healed from the burns. There is a patch under his left eye that looks like it had never been burned. A good portion of his cheeks looked fantastic and there were some spots on his head and forehead that looked healthy too. I just couldn't get over it! And his lips are really looking great too. A couple more days and I bet his lips will be back to near normal - maybe even truly normal.

I just can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. I sure hope it's good. I know I have to be prepared in case it's not - but today has been such an 'upper' that I can't help but feel optimistic.


Gretchen said...

Leslie, I'm soooo glad that today was a good day today. The fact that he's responding at all is so heartening after all the bad reports - no matter what stupid nurses say. A fighting spirit is probably the best thing he's got going for him (that and the fact that you and Breezy are both there with him). I'm thinking of you nonstop. Stay strong! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

I still cannot even BELIEVE all of this is happening... not to our "little Kevvie", as Ma calls him. Now, one thing we all know is the fact that your kid could kick the stink right off of a pig's ass... he is a tough one. We haven't stopped thinking about him for one minute, and believe me, we say hundreds of prayers a day for Kevin. If you need anything from home sent to you or need ANYTHING at all, let us know... I will get it to you ASAP. You are all in my thoughts... I am wishing and hoping and praying for the best, because God knows I love that kid too. Stay tough, Lester... he seems like he is being as tough as he can too, which is a GREAT thing to hear. LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!! Be safe down there in Texas.

~~*Libby*~~ (and Levi and Jaxon too!!)

i. said...

I'm SO glad to hear there is reason for optimism! As my aunt and uncle proved two years ago following their accident, the medical community - though full of some very smart people - does not know everything!! I will continue to keep you all close in thought in the days to come.


Catherine said...

Leslie I am so happy to hear that he's got that fighting spirit, I think he got that from you! Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and your son all the time! xox.

Valerie said...

Leslie, thanks so much for sharing both your good days and your bad days with us. I hope that knowing how much others are pulling for Kevin provides some comfort for you. He is in our prayers every single day, many times a day. I love to hear you speak of his fighting spirit! He has that and his youth on his side. Big Hugs!!

Aude said...

Leslie, I totally believe you on the healing re:the burns. My mom had a skin graft following her cancer surgery and in the 4 days I was over there I saw some improvements.
I hope he continues to fight and I hope you can rest a little bit.
Thinking of you a lot.

Donna said...

Hang in there, Leslie (and Kevin!) Young people are so resilient and heal so quickly...
Sometimes day by day it doesn't seem like so much progress, but look back at last week and how far he's come.
I'm thinking of you both!


mikki said...

hey les,
i just wanted to let you know that i'm thinking about you... i've been thinking about you nonstop too!!!
do you have an address there?

Sara said...

Well second mom, if you can remember back that far. I'm glad to hear things are getting better down there and i think its wonderful we all have such great faith that things are truly going to get better. There is nothing I want more in this world than to see him come home. Kevin, you and Breezy are in my prayers daily. If there is anything, whatever and whenever, you let me know.

Love you all,


Lucy Edson said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, Leslie. I'm so glad today was a good day!! Just know that we are thinking and praying for you and Kevin.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mama!

Glad to see there are some positive updates day by day! Thinking and praying for all three of you daily

Love ya!


Traci said...

Leslie its so good to hear that he is doing better and at least fighting back! haha
I agree with you about the nurse, forget about him!! Keep a positive attitude and I will continue to pray for you, Kevin and the family.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I just want to thank you for having Patty personally call me before it was annouced in church. You are something to even be thinking of such a thing be hit with this kind of news. Thanks for the daily updates. We all would be crazy with out them. It means so much to know what is happening. I am so sorry. I am praying everyday for you all Kevin of course is at the top of the list. Place your faith in the Lord. He is our only salvation. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved Romans 10:13 I will continue prayers. Love you Dyan Dougherty Hesidence

Tiffany C said...

Leslie, This is Tiffany Crawford...Our whole family and everyone in brady is praying for Kevin...We all know that he is going to make it....He is definetly a fighter.......Everyone is joking about how as soon as keving is out of the hospital he will be on his skate board skating in

After going through everything with shennel i realized that amazing things happen you just have to be patient........
If you ever need anything just let us know!!!!.....We are all thinking of yins......Stay strong

sherrie l said...

Leslie,I have you in my prayers!!!We share sooo much.I miss u and it will get better.My son is still in Washington, I miss our talks about both our boys, your sweet boy will get better.Keep being strong and everyday will get better.Kevin is my prayers.