Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1126 - Jun 30, 2011

Kev and I had a very long day today. We started with another Bioness appt and we think that it's programmed correctly this time. We have to start out slowly because with each step it sends an electric shock to Kevin's muscles and it's quite exhausting for him, but we did do about 15 full minutes of walking today.

After this we grabbed a 20 min lunch in the cafeteria and then headed to speech therapy. That lasted another hour plus and then I walked Kevin down to PT. Unfortunately, the physical therapist didn't show up for her appt, but we did end up talking with a hand therapist instead. While there they decided to order a Bioness brace for his arm/hand as well. It's the only hope we really have of ever getting it to work.

And to end our time at the VA, we popped in to see the podiatrist as well. I am guessing he didn't get all of the ingrown nail because he is now seeping blood around it. We waited in his office for a while to see if an actual doctor could look at it, but nobody was able to. They are going to call tomorrow and see when they can get us in.

After all of our appts, we went home and I made a few phone calls and then Johnny and Ness came and we all went to go to see The Transformers. The first theater we went to was pretty much sold out so we opted to go to a larger theater and take our chances there. We were able to get tickets, but boy was it packed! And let me just say - hilarious movie! The whole theater was laughing hysterically.

That pretty much sums up our day so I guess I'll try to get some sleep.

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