Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 1150 - July 24th 2011

This is Breezy. I just wanted to let everyone know that everything is okay. I woke up this morning to find the blog not written and called Mom immediately. She fell asleep watching Harry Potter and didn't realize she hadn't written. Dang you HP for giving me and I'm sure others a scare.


Lorraine said...

Thank you Breezy you are a wonderful daughter hugs to you and Christian. Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Does that mean Harry wasn't interesting? I'm just kidding! :)
Thank you Breezy for letting everyone know that everything is good! :)
Thank you for everything you do!
Take care,
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

I tell you,...parents these days!
Thanks for the smile and the explanation.
Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was very worried. thought something major happened. She obviously needed the rest and HP put her to sleep :)
thoughts and prayers,

Long-time RN said...

Most gracious of you, Breezy! Hope you're feeling rested, Leslie!