Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 1147 - Jul 21, 2011

We had an appointment today with the low vision clinic. I really like this place. I left Kevin go in on his own and I think he did well. The therapist did come out after with some assumptions of Kevin's vision problems, but I jumped in to tell her that he doesn't really have these issues. The main one being that it's normal for someone like Kevin to bump into things on their blind side. Kevin doesn't do that at all. Matter of fact, when he drives the electric cart at Target he actually drives and parks like a pro - even driving in reverse.

She did say that she has witnessed Kevin turning too far to the right to be able to see that way that he is actually not seeing everything to the left. That I agree has happened, but I would have never noticed it on my own.

So she wants to use some sort of prism to help him see and I admit to not understanding this process at all. We go back next week so we'll see then.

And we did watch HP 1 tonight. We had chicken ranch pizzas tonight too and Luann - Kevin once again told me that my pizzas don't compare to yours at Allstars, lol. Maybe you'll just have to come to TX and make them here, lol.

That's pretty much it for tonight. Catch ya tomorrow!

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