Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 1136 - Jul 10, 2011

Today was a slow day. I made bread dough to make elephant ears for dinner and that's pretty much it. Kevin and Johnnie played quite a while on the Kinect and I made a phone call to my friend Valerie and then scrapped for a little bit.

Tomorrow Kevin is having a Botox treatment done and it will be the first time that he won't be put to sleep for it. They tell me it's quite painful, but we decided to give it a shot and see how Kevin handles it. Since he has less feeling in his right side, it may not bother him too much. I sure hope not anyway.

Other than that, I got everything complete for our trip to Pittsburgh on Tuesday. All car and hotel reservations, I called the TSA and made arrangement for some help with Kevin and I started putting together a schedule of who we can see and when. This trip is kinda short and we definitely won't be able to see everyone this time around. We will be at Riverfest over the weekend though so we hope to see the locals.

Hallie - are you going to be there?
Lorraine - what about you?

So anyway, wish us luck tomorrow. I so want this to work out because I don't want to have to give Kevin anesthesia every 3 months to have Botox...


Anonymous said...

Let me know when you are going to be there. Not on call. Taking my boards on Saturday morning. Will be able to come see you guys. :)


Judy Smock said...

Hey Kevin & Leslie, I will be up babysitting with Leah & Maggie. We will be a Riverfest also. Hope we get to see you. DeeDee will be over on Friday too. We are staying at Dyan's camper across the river from the grocery store.
Love to you all. Aunt Judy

Anonymous said...

How long & which days will you be in PA ? Maybe we can do something special for Kevin & you.

Long-time RN said...

Have fun on your trip north! Hope the Botox treatment is successful without anesthesia.