Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 1137 - Jul 11, 2011

Kevin flew through his Botox like nothing! He only had pain with one poke of the needle (out of eight, I think) and that was the one at the base of the thumb. Both the doc and I were so excited because now we can finally get on a schedule do this every three months.

How far he's come, once again, huh? A year ago he would have never done the Botox without anesthesia. Obviously it was due to his cognitive issues and not pain though. I just wonder if that means his arm/hand will never really function being that he has absolutely no feeling in it.

Honestly, I just don't think it ever will gain anything. The thing I hope for now is just for it to be able to hang straight down and I would love to see his hand opened instead of always being curled into a tight fist.

Other than this, I spent a lot of time on the phone getting things taken care of. I am serious about requiring more home health and I spent hours on the phone today with various people discussing the caregiver's bill. What I learned is that it doesn't matter how much home health you have - it goes solely on the injuries and more importantly - the VA is ignoring those that have cognitive issues as opposed to physical issues. I can't imagine this is what Congress had in mind so if you feel up to it - send letters!

And now I am heading to bed. Everything is all packed and we are ready to go in the morning.

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aggie said...

So glad Kev went through Botox treatment well! Also, thanks for posting info that you discovered in your phone calls....I will adjust my letter to add the cognitive/physical injuries issue. That actually might make it easier to pare it down. Will be working on it today/ tomorrow so I can get it out by Friday...and will let you know when I get it out.