Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 1148 - Jul 22, 2011

I am so glad we have a doctor's appt on Monday to discuss Kevin's tendency to fall lately. Today while heading to speech therapy at the VA, Kevin nearly fell hard. I caught him from behind and a guy passing grabbed him from the front and that's the only reason he didn't land.

Truthfully, I don't even know what caused it. I wasn't looking at his feet at first, but it seemed to me like he wasn't able to lift his right leg enough and he kinda tripped over his toes. He just kept stumbling and that enabled us to help him.

I did talk to Kevin about it today though and we decided he shouldn't go anywhere by himself - no walks around the neighborhood or anything. I worry about being upstairs in my room because I probably wouldn't hear if he fell, but there's nothing I can do about it at this point. Hopefully nothing happens.

So he did well at speech. We haven't had the lady that we had problems with and he gets along well with the one he has had. He did say he wants me to stay if we ever have the other lady and I'm cool with that.

After that, we went to OT and a therapist actually designed and built a new splint for his hand while we were there. It took over two hours for our OT appointment, but it was cool watching the splint be made. They also ordered a different elbow splint and I'm hoping it helps. We will be having Botox consistently now so it should make a difference.

After being at the hospital most of the day we came home and had soup and sandwiches for dinner and then we watched Harry Potter 2. We are hoping to be able to get them all in by Monday night so we can go to see it on Tuesday (the cheap night). Kevin wouldn't have a problem, but it's hard for me to sit that long and watch so much TV - especially that many nights in a row. I'll do it though. Kevin's been very patient in waiting for me to be able to go see the final chapter of HP with him. I sure can't let him down!


aggie said...

Hope the doctor's appointment Monday gives some help with Kevin's stumbling. Or at least some insight into it so they can help him. Also glad to hear that you've had a new speech therapist lately...I am sure that makes things less stressful for both of you. Enjoy the HP marathon...and you WILL love the last one.

Pattie Matheson said...

Why is it hard for you to sit so long?

Long-time RN said...

Sure hope you'll get an answer regarding Kevin's stumbling. Good to read of the new splints and further Botox treatments. Good thoughts and prayers for improved movement from the injections.

Enjoy the Harry Potter weekend!