Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 1145 - Jul 19, 2011

We made it home! It was a very long day though (with a longer than normal layover) and the last flight was so very loud that Kevin actually became overstimulated. It was raining here in SA when we arrived so I left Kevin at the curb with the bags and went to get the car figuring it was easier than dragging all the suitcases and pushing Kevin a good half mile to the garage. The problem was that it was absolutely crazy at the airport today and there were so many cars and the noise was unbearable for me - let alone Kevin. That didn't help matters.

But, I did get him in the car and we turned everything off (he did allow the a/c on low tho) and there was no talking the whole way home. He took a bunch of Tylenol and retreated to his room, where he has pretty much stayed. Poor kid.

We only have a couple of things on the agenda tomorrow, and hopefully he feels well enough to manage them.

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Judy Smock said...

Happy you made it home Okay except for Kevin's problems. I was very happy to see you both at Riverfest and glad you all had a good time. I made it home yesterday Long trip but yours is even longer. God bless you both.