Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 1143 - Jul 17, 2011

We had a really great weekend! We went to Riverfest again last night and then out to Allstars. I enjoyed sitting at one end of the bar drinking my Pepsi and watching Kevin at the other end with his friends. He was talking up a storm and from where I sat he looked so normal. So so normal.

We also got to see the fireworks! I was happy to see them and so was Kev. He video taped them on his phone and I think he already uploaded them to Facebook. We were lucky because we got to watch them with Ronnie's parents and little brother (love that family!!). Sadly, we aren't going to see Ronnie this trip because he has drill though.

Today we pretty much rested. One of my friends came and spent time with us, but we barely moved from our hotel rooms. Kevin always takes it easy after a busy day, which is completely fine with me, lol.

And tomorrow's our last day here, then it's back to Texas. I sure like the heat index here a lot better and it's most wonderful seeing all our friends and family!

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