Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 1146 - Jul 20, 2011

Today was a little bit of a slow day. We had to stick around the house most of the afternoon for a repairman. The seal came off of Kevin's shower door and water was running everywhere. We seem to have real water issues in this house :-(

After that, I had a therapy appt and Kevin had to go again and sit in the waiting room. It will be so nice when Johnnie's hours kick in next week and Kev can stay home instead of having to sit there bored for an hour.

We came home after that and Johnnie and Ness came first and then Breezy and Christian came. We all had dinner together and hung out. We were hoping to start the Harry Potter marathon, but didn't start it tonight as planned. Tomorrow night though, for sure. We want to watch them all and then go see the final film next week or so.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad that your trip went well and you and Kevin were able to see some friends! I think the heat we're having up north here is trying to compete with Texas'!

So it will be Johnnie who will be Kevin's full-time home care? That would be awesome.

Hope you have a great weekend!