Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 1140 - Jul 14, 2011

Everybody should probably sit down for this one:


Yes! Totally doing the Happy Dance!!

Unbelievably, they reworked Kevin's issues and found that I do indeed qualify for the 40 hours a week stipend. AND - I will still get the 46 hours a week of in-home care!

Our most wonderful FRC, Mary, sat down with a whole room full of people and they all had a long talk about our needs - both mine and Kevin's. I think Mary got it across that I am just flat out exhausted and wrung out - both emotionally and physically.

Truly, I could never repay this woman enough for all she has done for us. She should have a tiara and a very tall pedestal. I think she already has a magic wand, lol.

Aflippinmazing though, huh?

And we had a great day in other ways today too. We had lunch and dinner with some friends - we are just making the circuit, ya know? Getting around, trying to fit everyone in. I finally talked to Moe tonight, the first time since we got here. We will be in Brady tomorrow to see the parade (in front of the ambulance garage or in that general area hopefully) and I sure hope that we get to see a bunch of other folks! After that we are going to hit Riverfest and then the Allstars and the Cloud.

We will be leaving the Family House tomorrow morning and moving to a hotel in Kittanning (all those hotel points are still coming in handy). Our doctor's visits are finished as of today so we are free to have a little fun before heading back to TX on Tuesday. I know that someone out there keeps asking how long we will be here to plan something and it really is just a short trip this time. Not to mention that I was just too unorganized and busy to put something together.

And that's about it for tonight. I need to go finish the laundry as somehow we forgot to pack Kevin's jeans? Don't ask me - they were in the pile, but they aren't in the suitcase. He has shorts and one pair of jeans, so I washed everything before heading to the other hotel. Now I have to finish the laundry and pack everything up.

40 hours a week!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Butch said...


Anonymous said...

ll of the hard work that you have been doing has really paid off. You are so deserving of this and much more. Lets keep the luck going!!

Lorraine said...

WAIT you better pinch yourself, are you serious, you mean something has gone right for you? ? WOOOOO celebration at the all stars haha! Look out East Brady party animal lol. See you tonight. WONDERFUL NEWS! Lorraine

Linda said...

That is wonderful Leslie! I am so happy for you! YOU SO DESERVE it! I am so grateful for everyone who has said prayers for you and your family.......finally something is going your way!! WAHOO

Judy Smock said...

Long hard fight but you did it and probably founded the way for others - BE PROUD OF YOURSELF.
Hope to see you at the parade.

i. said...

Doing the happy dance here, too!!!

Anonymous said...

That is the best news!!! :) :) :)
I'm so happy for you Leslie. With your situation of caregiving, dr. visits, and everything else you do, money isn't something you need to worry about too. I think you will feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders when it hits you that this actually happened. :)
I'm so happy for you! Also that you still get the 46 hrs a week of in-home care. That's truly wonderful. I'm sorry that it has taken this long, but it is here and that's what matters. Yeah!!!!!!! :)
It sounds like Mary will have a special place in heaven as with all of you!
Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip!
What a great thing to read to start our day!!!!
Kathy in IA

Jodi said...

That is great news Les!!!!
You deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you guys so much!!!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Valerie said...

This is so darn exciting, Leslie. I am so happy that you will finally be getting what you deserve! Hope you and Kevin have a fun weekend.

Martha K said...

Finally something for you sorry I have missed the last months with you had heart surgery doing really well can now breathe soooo much easier I am so glad to read this great news you so deserve this take care Martha K

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! is what came to my mind! I'm thrilled for you,....what a relief!
Yay Mary! Thanks for seeing the need and being the advocate that Leslie needed.
That is just the best news ever.
Thank you, God!

Sara said...

That is wonderful news Leslie!!!! Give Kevin hugs for me!!! I am in Cali right now going to a Venice Beach Reunion to see all the people I used to skateboard with back in the day. Miss you both.

Sara your Flight Attendant

GrannieEv said...

I don't even know what word to use! Simply amazing. I am so thrilled for you. Tell Mary we all think she rocks. What wonderful news.

Tracey from Pgh. said...

Congratulations, Leslie! I'm so happy for you! You deserve it so badly! Have a great weekend! Thanks, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Dancing in Cali. SO glad that someone got it right for a change!!

Judy B said...

I can honestly say that when I read this Leslie, I cried...You are so deserving. I have read your blog religiously everday since it was introduced to me by Vicki Chrisman when the accident first happened. There have been so many heartaches through all of this...Thank God something has gone so right for you both at this time. I am so happy for you and for Kevin. This will be such a good thing. Have a wonderful weekend and save travels on Tuesday.

janet said...

Yipee! I'm so happy for you both.
You deserve this and have deserved it all along.

Long-time RN said...

Yahoo!!! Wonderful news! Big kudos to your case worker Mary too! So very happy for you, Leslie.

Amazing 3D photos. They underscore just how far Kevin has progressed with such a devastating injury.

Congratulations on this well deserved stipend.

Rene' said...

Leslie, you are truly an inspiration to us all. I'm so happy for you and know this is such a blessing. Your advocacy combined with caring VA staff is such a winning team. Have a great weekend--and HAVE FUN

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I don't know if you remember me before but I found out a few months ago that I am Kevin's 4th cousin and my wife grew up in Northpoint so that is so wonderful to hear!! I had talked to a friend of mine from AMVETS to see what they could do to help you. This friend of mine knows your friend Moe and wanted to see if Kevin was into hunting at all. It appears they have a hunting farm and they set everything up for any wounded vet. I'm just excited to see something going right for you, that news is truly awesome!! I would love to meet you and Kevin sometime as I have really become more interested in the plight or our soldiers and their families ever since I started reading your blog. God bless you!

Dan Lorigan

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Leslie! You so richly deserve this! It's just a shame that its taken so long...I understand that the toll on you as a caregiver has been immense, your love and dedication to Kevin's healing is inspirational and your personally caring for Kevin has saved the government a LOT of money... (and Mary sounds like a real jewel...)
Love, Anne

Jessica said...

Now, that's a miracle, no doubt about it! Praise God and God bless Mary. My jaw literally dropped open in amazement. I hope you feel some weight just dropping off of your shoulders!

I'm so so happy for you both! Enjoy the rest of your trip. I'll keep the prayers coming. :)

aggie said...

HOORAY!!! Been a crazy day and I just got chance to look at the blog now (and I didn't even end my letters out yet lol! Maybe it was the vibes going out into the universe... (I was pretty angry so perhaps that "message' was sent somehow!) FINALLY!
Enjoy the time in PA...I'll call l ater this week.

Leslie said...

WOHOO!!! Glad to hear this! Please give Mary a BIG {{{HUG}}} for helping get this pushed through!! This will be great for both you and Kevin!!!!
(The other) Leslie

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

Amazing! I shared the earlier post about this with a ton of people and they were as outraged as I was and I know you were. I am so thankful! Love answered prayers!

Brenda A said...

This is Awesome!! It is about time they realize it is cheaper for loved ones to be caregivers than to hire someone to do Everything that we loved ones do!! Congratulations!!