Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1154 - Jul 28, 2011

Today we first went to speech (which went well) and then we went to PT to see what might be going on with all of the falling. Nobody can figure it out, but I guess Kevin took a HARD fall to the ground tonight while with Johnnie. He's ok, but still...

So Kevin's fellow comrades, Kendra and Anthony, texted me this morning with the news that a SGT that Kevin deployed with was in town and they wanted to all get together. I had planned to go, but then decided to just let Johnnie take him so that the 'young'uns' could hang out. I love all these kids, but it's no fun being the mom that's in the way all the time. So for the first time, Kevin wen to the Riverwalk. I haven't ever taken him because it's such a hassle really and it's just so darn expensive too. But they all met at Dick's Last Resort and it appears Kevin had a blast:

I blurred the text the waiter wrote on the hat as it is very inappropriate for the blog. And I think the laughter on his face says it all. It just makes my heart sing to see him having so much fun and it's just so darn wonderful that I didn't have to be there, lol. I am so past the point in my life where I am going to pay people to treat me like crap. I know Dick's caters to that crowd, but it's just not for me.

And now I am totally heading to bed. I haven't slept yet since yesterday morning and my eyeballs can feel it.

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