Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 1130 - Jul 4, 2011

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We didn't do anything. There are no fireworks here due to the drought so there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. It was ok with both of us though because our schedule has gotten pretty rough lately.

We did have a couple of nice dinners over the weekend, but I miss having a grill. What I wouldn't do to be able to grill out as opposed to roasting. Oh well...

So Kevin got one of those Xbox Kinects for Christmas and he refused to even play with it until yesterday. We finally got Kevin to agree to let Johnnie hook it up and 6 months later - Kevin played. Now he's hooked! We are having so much fun with it and it is GREAT therapy for Kevin. Between this and playing the Wii at the VA - who knows how far he'll go.

I have some videos to show of him doing these things, but I'll have to upload them tomorrow. Right now, I'm going to bed. We have another busy week ahead of us and then we head back to Pittsburgh next week. I still haven't made all of our arrangements yet either...


Long-time RN said...

Good for you guys on a relaxing weekend.

The Kinetic sounds great! Excellent way to get up and moving!

Kris said...

So glad everything went so well! I'm sorry I missed everyone's birthday - a very Happy Belated Birthday to Breezy and to Kevin!!! I wish that you didn't have to continue to wage a silly war against the VA to get what you so rightfully deserve. You can count on a letter being sent from me!

Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip back here to PA!

God bless you Leslie, Kevin and Breezy - here's to a great trip!!