Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 1125 - Jun 29, 2011

Today we had the home inspection. I had been told that 4 people were coming (?!!), but only 2 showed up. The two that did come were really great people and the visit went very well. It lasted about 2 hours with them going back over everything we learned in the manual that I had to read and then they just asked both Kevin and myself a ton of questions. I was happy to hear her say that she didn't need to go over the house with a fine tooth comb because she could see it was clean and taken care of. Phew! My hard work paid off, lol.

I was also very happy to hear the clinical health lady say that she is planning to talk to the doctor because she can't believe I am in the part-time tier. Yay! Let's just hope it makes a difference! It will save me a whole lot of work in appeals.

Keep your fingers crossed!


GrannieEv said...

Sounds like they had a good amount of common-sense. A wonderful trait. Fingers crossed.

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

I have been hoping this would go through for you. You are the person I had in mind when this was created. I hope you get the full time tier as that is what you are and then some.

aggie said...

Glad teh home visit went well! Crossing my fingers that they moveyou up to full time tier..

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! So far, so good.
Janet :)