Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 1120 - Jun 23, 2011

I can't honestly believe how hectic the last couple of days have been. Yesterday morning we first went to BAMC to see the doctor about getting another Botox treatment done in Kevin's arm. After that, we went to visit everyone on 4E and then we had to leave that hospital, grab lunch and head across town to a low vision clinic near the VA hospital.

The clinic that we were sent to was the one that is going to try to help Kevin get some of his vision back. I really liked this doctor because she is realistic, while still understanding that anything is possible. She did tell us that it has never been done that someone gets their vision back after the optic nerves have been damaged like Kevin's were. BUT - she did say that that doesn't mean it never WILL happen.

She has decided to set Kevin up in some therapies to see if we can at least get a small amount of his lost vision field back and she said we would know within a few weeks if it was going to help or not. I liked hearing that because I don't want to waste time on something that is not going to make a change.

Really - this doctor was quite awesome.

After that, we stopped at the grocery store because Breezy and Christian were coming for dinner and I needed a few fixings. We made it home, I threw dinner in the oven and they showed up with a totally awesome birthday gift in tow. I am not much of a purse/shoe person, but I saw this handbag at a store outside the PX store and fell in love with it. Being the cheap person that I am, I didn't really understand what Coach was all about. I sure didn't understand their pricing structure, lol. Obviously, when I looked at the price I ran right outta there and that was that.

My two loving children went back though and got that bag for me for my birthday. Here is a pic of it. My first (and probably last) designer handbag, lol:

Truly - is that thing not gorgeous? And I already told Kevin he had to start carrying his own stuff because I am not ripping the handles off of this one due to the weight (something that happens all the time because my purse is so heavy!)

So then Breezy left kinda late and I got a phone call from the wife of a veteran that I met recently. Her husband has severe PTSD and he woke up the other day with no memory of her or their children. She is rightfully upset because the VA doc told him to just quit taking his sleep medication and sent him home. She is just beside herself with worry and I don't blame her. He still doesn't remember anything and she has to wait a couple more weeks until his normal appt at the VA. It's just so sad.

And to begin wrapping this post up, here are a couple of pics of the family:

Now today was even busier! I will talk about the appts we had tomorrow night, but I did want to say that Kev and I went to the 173rd reunion for a short while. Here are some pics:

The bottom one is Butch! He's been reading the blog for a long time and he is also the person that let me know about the reunion. Great people - he and his wife! As are everyone else we met, really. Kevin was treated like royalty and he hammed it up for everyone, lol!

Unfortunately though, we ended the night with a trip to the ER for Christian. He was running a temp of almost 104 and it turns out he has an ear infection. The poor guy is just so sick and cranky. Breezy can't get off work tomorrow so he will be coming in just a few short hours for me to watch all day so I better try to get to bed. She is leaving work early though because we are going to the 173rd BBQ. Can't wait - and neither can Kevin! He's already packed his challenge coins to show everyone...


GrannieEv said...

How sweet that they went and got you that purse you fell in love with - gr8 kids. I'm so glad. I had to LOL about you & the designer purse, I'm the exact same way with any designer thing! My 9 mo old g-daughter just went through the very same thing and it didn't go completely away after the 1st rx so they had to repeat the whole thing 3 wks later - she's on the mend now and I hope baby boy starts feeling better real soon.

Tracey from Pgh. said...

Happy Birthday Leslie! That's so nice that your kids surprised you with that purse. It's very pretty! Christian is so adorable, I feel so bad for him. I hope he's on the mend soon. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I haven't posted much lately but I follow Kevin's progress with excitement and hope always...I love you and Kevin, Breezy and Christian...the purse is wicked and sometimes a quality item is just what is needed....I wish you a very happy birthday!

Much love to you all...and I hope Christian feels better soon....


Pattie Matheson said...

Ah, it's true what somebody famously said -- "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" or words to that effect! How great that the kids did that for you! I hope you felt as cute as you look with your new bag. I love it when someone thinks enough of me (and you) to give us something we'd not do for ourselves. In my case last month it was an iPhone from my son and a mani & pedi from my Mom. Now I'm addicted to both!