Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 1100 - Jun 3, 2011

Today Mary (our wonderful FRC) egged on the recreational therapist at the VA to set up an appt with us to help get Kevin reintegrated into life. WOW - am I excited about this! I talked to the gentleman for a while on the phone today and we set up an appt for Monday afternoon. At this appointment, he will get to know Kevin and his interests.

He did tell me that there are a couple of guys that have the same hemiparesis as Kevin and that he would try to see if they will come into the hospital on Monday as well. He also said these guys get together and go bowling, biking, skiing and they take part in all kinds of other events. He even mentioned a surfing excursion in San Diego in Sept and after talking about it with Kevin, he is willing to give surfing a try. YAY! This is the kind of stuff I want Kevin doing - just living life like he would have if he hadn't been injured.

And I want to thank Heather for the horseback riding options. I looked them both over today and already mentioned it to the rec therapist. We are going to discuss it more on Monday as well.

That's pretty much it for today so I'll catch ya tomorrow.


Pattie Matheson said...

That sounds great!! Once Kevin gets going he'll love it.

Are you not going back to Tampa?

Jessica said...

That would be so cool if Kevin had a group of guys to do stuff with. Especially physical activities. Go Mary! And I bet I know why Kevin agreed to give surfing a try. Surfers are chick magnets! LOL!

Team Red, White, and Blue sounds really promising and are certainly providing a needed service. Hope it works out!

You're in my thoughts and prayers! Take care.