Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 1104 - Jun 7, 2011

We had a really good day today. First, Kevin did end up having fun at the VA hospital. When I went back to pick him up he was bowling on the Wii with a couple of guys and he really was enjoying himself. I had been told they played tennis on the Wii too and I am so happy.

I am also happy to report that Kevin is going to go 'real' bowling next Wednesday with the group. AND we are going on an overnight trip up north to go rock wall climbing later this month. Awesome, eh?

So far. So good.

After we came back from the VA, we got a couple of visitors that served with Kevin in his unit. It was great to hear stories about Kevin while he was in Germany and I can tell you Kevin was just so happy to have friends over. Matter of fact - here is a pic. Look at the sparkle in his eyes:

I can honestly say that both Kendra and Anthony are welcome anytime. They were both such wonderful people and I sure hope we see a lot more of them!

And while they were here, Breezy and Christian also came over for dinner tonight. It was a full table, I tell ya'! Sadly though, our poor little guy is sick. Breezy took him to the docs this afternoon as he was running a temp and he is just so congested. The doc didn't really have anything to say so I am assuming it's what I had a while back and Chris had it a couple weeks after me too.

But, I did grab just a couple of pics of him playing in his new bouncy seat. Kevin LOVES the baby aisle at Walmart and yesterday he got the baby this and some other little toys:

I sure hope he feels better soon. And I sure hope Kevin continues to be open minded about trying new things.


Anonymous said...

I think the worst time to be sick is when the weather is warm and sunny. Just doesn't seem right. Even around here there have been more people sick now than during the cold winter months. Glad to hear than Kevin is open to trying new activities. Praying that continues for both of you. Love, Aunt Mona

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great day! :) I'm so happy that Kevin had such a good time at the VA hospital and also with his friends from his unit! :) I hope they will be able to stop often. :)
Sorry to hear Christian is sick. :(
I hope he gets over his fever really soon.
Hope today is as good as yesterday!
Kathy in IA

Pattie Matheson said...

Cool! Let's hope this is the beginning of some significant new friendships :-)

How wonderful of his old army buds to visit! Once everybody gets back to the states and head out to their homes it's so easy to lose touch. Perhaps when Kevin has command of a keypad he'll be able to text some of his old friends -- we all know how expensive travel is these days and the phone is SO handy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a rock wall? That sounds ever so challenging...but could be fun for Kevin. I am glad that he's willing to try....

That baby is A D O R A B L E !!! I can see why Kevin likes the baby aisle at the store.

Army buds: glad to see you took the time to see your necessary for you all.

Leslie....stay well, get sleep! We are praying for you all.